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There is an ASTRAL BODY WITHIN US . There is pace which keeps the planets and all things in the universe in motion - distance is maintained .There is a connect with an energy within us and the ASTRAL structure that does not know time & space . The whole realm of philosophy , religion and above all MEDITATION is about understanding this energy within you , augmenting it and then connecting to all kinds of things in the ASTRAL world / universe . It is FOR EACH ONE to meditate and hear the noises - move in the other worlds BUT first thing is to AUGMENT YOUR ENERGY WITHIN . Sleep is UNCONSCIOUS MEDITATION that provides your the ENERGY to LIVE . Reverse it - meditation consciously - feel the enhanced energy within - then you would realise what i want to say - each one to its own but it is all about going within YOURSELF & BEYOND - silence & creating an energy FLOW within YOURSELF from a SOURCE .

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