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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Main features of a native born under Cancer sign are given below in nutshell:

Basic Trait: I Feel.

Positive traits: Domesticated, emotional, sensitive, self-reliant, intelligent, very frugal, industrious, intuitional mind, perceptive, imaginative, talkative, attached to family, hospitable, honest, love justice and fair play, fond of music, decisiveness, adaptable, psychic nature, easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others, fertile imagination, kind, caring, protective and having very good memory.

Negative traits: Shy, lack of confidence, restless, nervous, extremely sensitive, hen-pecked, over emotional, hypersensitive, gullible, self pitying, unstable, untidy, easily hurt, unhappy married life, moody, manipulative, selfish and crabby.

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Nakshatras: Punarvasu (Last parts), Pushya and Ashlesha.

Rising nature: Prishodya (rise from back side)

Nature: Movable

Quality: Fruitful

Element: Water

Part of the Body represented by it: Chest, stomach.

Water contents: 100%.

Place: River, Tank, Lake

Symptoms: Kaph, Phelgm.

Indian month: Savana.

Constituent Character: Jalchar, some says Keeta (Krida)

Biological Character: Human

Career Planet: Mars

Love Planet: Saturn

Money Planet: Sun

Planet of Health and Work: Jupiter

Planet of Home and Family Life: Venus

Yogakarkas: Mars

Yogkarak combination: Mars and Jupiter.

Benefic Planets: Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Malefic Planets: Mercury, Venus

Neutral Planets: Sun, Saturn.


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