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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Profession and Finance:

Cancerian natives will have the abilities to fit for a wide range of occupations. As the mind of the Cancerian natives will be very mechanical. As the mind of the Cancerian natives will be very mechanical, the men usually succeed well in manufacturing business and active trade of all kinds, while the women will be intellectual, and will often be very logical writers and speakers. They will be remarkably progressive in their ideas, and frequently found among the prime movers in great humane enterprises. Many of them will be indefatigable scholars. Both the men and women will be very fond of money. The male will apt to become miserly while the female will be covetous and ambitious to get and hoard. These natives will be afraid and ashamed of poverty and count their wealth regularly and hide their wealth as they will be in constant expectation of burglars.

As they will be interested in what people are thinking and able to judge what they can safely be told, they can be good journalists, writers or politicians, though in this last capacity they are more likely to remain in the background rather than attain prominent positions of power. They may, indeed, change their party affiliations. They can serve in other departments of public affairs, especially those which involve looking after others, for example, in any kind of service from welfare and nursing to catering their own love of comfort and good living makes the Cancerian an excellent chef or housekeeper. Sometimes they will have a penchant for trade or business and will often be successful as a captain of industry. This is because they will be excellent organizers with a good sense of value and economy which they may combine with a flair for inventiveness and originality. The romantic side of their natures will make hem enjoy grubbing about in places where exciting discoveries may be made, and if they can do this professionally as a second-hand dealer or specialist in antiques, they will be happy. More common occupations which suit some subjects of Cancer are real estate broker, gardener and sailor.

Once cancer has resolved their emotional issues such as shyness and insecurity, the powerful character will shine though, practically there will be nothing which they can not do. They will have incredible perseverance and will stand up for what they believe in. With their strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence, they will have great success in anything they undertake. They will be excellent business man and investors because of their intuitive and psychic ability and their creative forward thinking mind, they will be able to predict future trends. They will attract wealth very well and know where to invest. Money and financial well being will be very important for Cancerian natives and this can help their drive in business. They will need financial security and if they allow themselves to properly focus their energy and do not allow their emotions to over take them, they will be more then capable of obtaining their financial goals and being incredibly successful business man.

Wealth giving combinations (Dhan Yogas) for Cancer:

1. Moon and Venus are posited in 10th house

2. Jupiter is posited in 11th house while Moon is in 7th house.

3. Venus is posited in 2nd house or 12th house.

4. Sun and Mars are posited in 10th house.

5. Mercury and Venus are posited in 5th house.

6. If Mercury and Venus are in 12th house native will get name, fame and wealth in the dasha of 

7. Mars placed in ascendant will give wealth through hard work.

8. Venus is posited in 4th house, Moon is posited in 9th house and rest of the planets are posited in 11th, 1st and 3rd house.

9. Moon posited in ascendant and is in aspect of Jupiter or Mercury.


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