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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effect of various planets in Cancer Sign

Sun: Sun placed in Cancer will make native somewhat harsh, indolent, wealthy, unhappy, constipation, sickly, love traveling independent, opposed to father & near ones.

Moon: Moo placed in Cancer will make native wise, powerful, charming, influenced by women, wealthy, kind, good, a bit stout, sensitive; impetuous, unprofitable voyages, meditative, much immovable property, middle stature, prudent, frugal, love water sports  or watery place and conventional.

Mars: Mars placed in Cancer will make native sickly, lives & eats in others house, miserable, earns from land & water related articles, medical and surgical proficiency, Love travels and voyages, wicked perverted, fickle-minded, defective sight, bold, dashing, headlong, speculative unkind and egoistic.

Mercury: Mercury placed in Cancer will make native witty, like music, disliked by relations, low stature, speculative, diplomatic, discreet, flexible, restless, sensual, religious, liable to consumption, strong parental love and dislike for chastity.

Jupiter: Jupiter placed in Cancer will make native  learned, equal to king, beautiful body, truthful, adorable, religious inclined, dignified, wealthy, comfortable, intelligent, inclined to social gossip and faithful.

Venus: Venus placed in Cancer will make native engaged in good deeds, religious, learned, good looking, balanced in judgment, clever talker, emotional, timid, more than one wife, haughty, sorrowful, light character, unhappy and sensitive.

Saturn: Saturn placed  in Cancer will make native poor, weak teeth, pleasure-seeking, slow, dull, cunning, selfish, deceitful, sickly in childhood, friendless, stubborn, devoid of motherly care and weak constitution.

Rahu: Rahu placed in Cancer will make native acquire land, property, wealthy, power and position and deceitful.

Ketu: Ketu Pllaced in Cancer will give loss of wealth, leave birthplace, spiritual attainment and unhappy.


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