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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 19

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Virgo, the Virgin and Cancer, the Crab fit together like a hand and glove. Both will love home and hearth, and both will be concerned with the nurturing and well being of others. When they will turn their caring sides towards each other, they can reach their goals and turn their dreams into reality. Both of the will make an excellent team, whether they will be romantically involved, family members, friends, or business partners. They will feel a strong tie of friendship, whatever relationship they both share. There will be mutual trust and much care of communication back and forth. They will be very different yet these differences will have little or no effect on their respect for each other. There could be sense of responsibility, some sort of inescapable duty that brings together and strengthen the bond between them. They will constantly stimulate each other into changing habits and existing situation. Chances of remaining close friend between these natives will be very high and they will remain friends always. Any quarrel will be resolved quickly and will be a past very soon. If other planets between the two horoscopes especially the Moon (Moon denotes inner feelings) and the ascendants will have good relations than an intense devotion, loyalty and respect will be there between both of them. If not than their relationship will be tense and difficult indeed. In business relationships, their combined abilities will be almost sure to guarantee, at least a modest measure of success. Cancer will have a knack for making a fortune grow, while Virgo will have the patience for tending to the necessary details. In creative endeavours, Cancer can help inspiring Virgo. With their combined resourcefulness and imagination, this team will shine on projects that require improvisation. Cancer will be protective, even possessive and can be a jealous lover, though more from insecurity than just the desire to dominate. For a loving, protective partner, who  has wonderful bouts of creativity interspersed with dreamy romanticism, yet peppered with practically, Virgo will not need to look further than Cancer.

As Cancer is a watery sign and Virgo is an earthy sign so their chance of multiplying and being fruitful will be very good. Moreover both of them will be an excellent parenting team. Both of you are inclined to mood changes that, at times, can irritated each other. For example, Cancer experiences periods of melancholy, tenderness, concern, worry, nostalgia and sentimentality, which Virgo may not understand or sympathize with. Virgo can suddenly become irritated and irascible over minor annoyances, and at such times, is capable of intense sarcasm and criticism, which can be extremely disconcerting to Cancer’s tender, sensitive feelings. Virgo must be prudent, and Cancer must strive to be forgiving when things go a little awry. However, you are both capable of enormous devotion to one another and to your children if you have them, and taking are of one another comes naturally to you. This combination will be one of the most natural and easy in the Zodiac. As kindred spirits, they want to make the effort to get to know each other better. Even with stressful aspects between Moon and Ascendant, the two of them will like to get along and this will be a perfect match.


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