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Know About Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Karka), Chapter 4, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Cancer Man:

The male native born under this sign will be far more constant than the Cancer women. He will be flirtatious and fickle but he will be a sensitive and loyal person. However his love and loyalty will apt to change companions and friends very frequently, and often he will become bitter enemy of those with whom previously he was attached. Cancerian man will be tactful to diplomacy in some matters, and show their hands with painful clearness in others. Their powers of understanding will be very quick and keen and they will have excellent memories. As Moon is very fast moving planet of the zodiac the natives born under this sign will change their opinion very frequently and will be very temperamental. As the qualities of Crab will be inbuilt in his behaviour, he will be a naturally shy of rushing in but once he will be sure, will not easily rebuffed. The only time when a Cancer male will wish to be recognized is when he will excel in the task and duty entrusted to him. Another specific trait of a Cancer male will be his moodiness. Being extremely temperamental, he can be happy one moment and sad the other. It will be very difficult to crack a Cancer man, although he may be a sweetheart to talk to. He will often act miserly as well. Every time when he has to purchase something, he will think twice before taking out money. He can be subjective in times of emotional stress, failing to judge situations objectively. A Cancer man will have a natural tendency to look for beauty and magnificence in every thing he comes across. He is usually courteous and well-dressed. He can also be a very good cook and story teller. Cancerian man will be generous with his affection and displays a lot of love, care, intimacy and understanding for his loved ones.

A Cancer man will come across as an extremely shy person, who will speak less and minds his own business. He will not be one of those who tell everything about themselves in the first meeting itself. In fact, it will take a long time to get even a little close to him. One may seem a Cancerian man a different person every time as and when one comes across him. He may be nervous and fickle one moment; extremely confident the second minute and too shy the very next. His frown can easily turn, first, into smile and then, into a laugh. A Cancerian man may be sad and melancholic at times and then, one will feel like putting arms around him and comforting him. Then, suddenly his wistfulness will vanish and he will be sparkling with wit and humor. He will be a true romantic and see fairytale dreams frequently. Just like a crab, he will retreat into a shell when his emotions will be hurt. As the shell will be his haven and he will remain there till he is ready to face the world again. Cancerian men may look harsh and distant at times, but inside they will be very gentle, kind and affectionate. Rudeness will not be one of their personality traits. It will just act like a cover to hide their true, vulnerable feelings. He will be as close to reality as anyone can be.

The Cancer man will not be direct in his approach to make friend. He will approach a female cautiously and slowly. He will be very romantic and flirty and attempt to court her and win her heart with lavish gifts and attention. The reason behind this is that he will have a strong underlying fear of rejection and due to this he will never be direct with her. If a female is interested in a Cancer man then she will probably have to make the first move and ask him for a date. He will fall in love easily and will make her his whole world. He will often avoid falling into a serious relationship and even if he indulges in it, in the first place, it would be with a lot of anxiety and apprehension. But once one become close to him he will hold on to her and can become quite jealous and possessive. This happened because he will be worried about losing her to another man and that would certainly crush his spirit.


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