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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 22

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The Twins and the Water-Bearer are both Air Signs, so the mental connection between them will be excellent. Each will have superb intellectual skills, love to talk and toss ideas around, loads of energy will be an add-on-to spend together. They will enjoy each other’s quick and intelligent minds; and will have endlessly fascinating conversations about people, ideas and places. An added advantage to the relationship will be that, the Water-Bearer will be quite strong and stable underneath, so the Twins will feel secured and know that Aquarius will be there for them when needed. Aquarian lover will go to any extent for anything that breaks new ground. A Geminian should always remember that the Water-Bearer will have a tendency to be somewhat emotionally detached but sexually active and experimental. However, Unlike the Twins, the Water-Bearer can be a bit of a loner and from time to time will need periods of solitude to renew their energies. Aquarius, a fixed sign, will be more determined and can be stubborn, while the Gemini will be generally happy to let their unconventional partner take the lead, but can certainly show him or her the best way to handle any sort of social gathering, for they are second to none at this. Gemini and Aquarius will often seem incapable of a completely smooth relationship, despite their innate empathy. Because both will be rather upredictable, things can’t always go smoothly, but love will keep getting better and better as Aquarius adores a Geminain wit and good cheer. Even when the Twins will display their famous changeable inconstancy, Aquarius will readily understand.

Sexual attraction with them will likely to be intense, as Aquarius will find Gemini to be very attractive physically. This couple will be fine bed-mates and fascinating friends. It is an interesting connection which may turn into a charming marriage. Gemini will be capable to subordinate to the Aquarius’ will. There will be a lot of pleasant things in a bedroom though the lack of passions will be also possible. The changeable Gemini will be easily influenced by the Aquarius’ constant pressure. They will love to socialize, they have a wide range of outside activities, and neither is particularly jealous or proprietary.
Gemini woman and Aquarius will always have something to talk about. Usually sex will not be a big thing for this couple. Although it will not be a small thing either, but it will not take first place in their relationship. Most happily mated Gemini-Aquarian couples enjoy the physical consumption of their love as children enjoy wading through puddles, flying kites to chasing butterflies. Once the Aquarian man will be sure that he is not missing anything, he can be purely and perfectly faithful to one woman but Gemini females do flirt a lot. The one thing which he may never receive from. She will see truth through the multiple lenses of imaginations, colored by her wishes and dreams. Otherwise essentially these two will share similar vibrations.

An Aquarius woman will always feel that no one truly understand her while a Gemini man will always feel that no one really understand his dreams. These two will make many mistakes while trying to love each other. Aquarian women will tend to be claim, honest and aboveboard in every way. They will do their work and will never lie about it. But the Gemini man will be clever and astute enough to analyze his own peculiar brand of dishonesty, which will consist of sins of omission. Both of them will have inner fears and doubts about their sex appeal. Gemini and Aquarius will tend to give only as much as needed and expected, and seldom demand more than what is given, thus often achieving a happy balancing in sexual union. In their horoscope if Venus or Mars is not afflicted, they will find more sexual fulfillment within their physical union. When there is a break in the relationship, almost always, these two will remain nearly as close as were in the beginning and find much of the same affinity. When Gemini and Aquarius are hurt, they both will retreat back into the security of a safe, protective, emotionally undemanding friendship.

None of them will likely to get bored with each other, but even if they do, Aquarius would be unlikely to mind a little straying and might even encourage sharing a friend, since the interest will be more in the discovery of the new rather than any deep festering passions. Both signs will love to socialize and will have a wide range of outside activities. Jealousy and the idea of ownership of a partner will be very uncharacteristic of either of them. Both can be ideal friends. This will be a perfect match.


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