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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Gemini Child:

Children born in this sign should be associated with persons who are quiet, clam, and restful. They are often thrown into fits, and women into hysterics, by undue excitement and nervous disturbances. The best training for both young and old born under this sign will be to learn to talk slowly and cultivate calmness. Gemini children who will be not allowed to express and communicate naturally may retreat into a half world of illusion in self defence. Gemini children often make older and more placid people nervous with their bird like quick movements. Having a Gemini child will be like being in the roller coaster ride all the time. You will always be on you toes, trying to catch up with him. The moment he starts walking, you better put your jogging shoes on. However, don’t ever try to confine him to a single place like a playpen. It will make him totally miserable. His characteristics profile makes him an explorer, a seeker. Restricting him too much may hamper his emotional development. Gemini children belong to the air sign and just like air; they have to be constantly on the move.

Patience will not be their personality traits as they will find it difficult to remain steady for a long time and will have the habit of doing more than one things at a time. They may become slower with age, but will retain fidgety nonetheless. As per the characteristics profile of a Gemini baby, he will be extremely friendly, active, curious and intelligent. He will have a dual personality and it will be better to accept it. However, the doubling will be there in case of talents also. He will have a way with words and can easily play with alphabets. Usually Teachers will notice right away that these children have no trouble learning to read. They will not mind on being called to recite and they many smile as the rest of the children sign when a theme is assigned. These young girls and boys will delight in communicating with others and sharing their knowledge verbally or on paper. It will not be unusual to find a Gemini child who writes with his left hand and draw with his right hand. The Gemini sense of sharp wit and satire appears at early. Both at home or in school, these children lives in a world of believe and reality, constantly blending, where tru9th is often portrayed as fantasy and fantasy is disguised as truth. Some time they may give the impression of exaggerating or even telling lies but they can not help splashing a little colour round when they are relating an incident and they often convinces themselves it really happened that way.

Punctuality and Gemini will be two entirely opposite terms. He will always be running into someone or something on the said time, because of which he will get late. He will hardly listen to something without interrupting, mostly because he would has already guessed the rest of the story. However, more often than not, he himself will repeat what he has already said. Geminis will have a very short span of concentration and tend to get distracted very easily.

If blessed with a Gemini child, you better learn to fly. In this case, one equals two. Gemini is the sign of the twins. Your child can be in two places simultaneously and you might find it hard to keep up. Ruled by mercury, this little one was born with winged feet. Extremely active, the typical Gemini hates to feel constricted and seeks mental stimulation by exploring his little world. All air signs need variety, so make sure you provide him with tons of books and toys. Restricting a Gemini mentally and physically leads to an emotionally depressed adult.

Friendly, alert and inquisitive, these youngsters love communicating and have a variety of friends. And do not be surprised if your little one turns out to be ambidextrous, adept at magic tricks and musical instruments. Because Gemini hands are the most sensitive and expressive of all signs, who know, you may be raising a skilled surgeon or dentist. Extremely witty and blessed with a vivid sense of imagination, the Gemini youngster lives in a dual world of fantasy and reality. Always encourage him to speak the truth because he would get confused between the two worlds. The Gemini lacks patience and persistence and finds it hard to listen without interruption. It is very difficult to catch his mercurial attention, until you have his curiosity aroused. And then you will be flattered, to say the least.

Geminis will almost always be excellent students and take well to education. Their minds will generally be stocked with all kinds of information, trivia, anecdotes, stories, news items, rarities, facts and statistics. Thus they can support any intellectual position that they care to take. They will be awesome debaters and, if involved in politics, make good orators. Geminis will be so verbally smooth that even if they will not know what they are talking about, they can make you think that they do. They will always dazzle you with their brilliance.


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