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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 25

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The sexual attraction between the Archer and the Bull can be intense, but if the relationship is to survive for the longer period then their fundamental differences will require some home work. Sagittarius loves discovering new people and places, and is stimulated by the exploration of cultural differences. It is not that Taurus does not find the Archer amusing and pleasant to be around, but it is just that Taurus is interested in putting down roots and Sagittarius wants to go around the world at least three or four times before even thinking about settling down. The Bull however will be happy to plod down old tracks, for Taurus prefers the secure bulwarks of familiarity. Taurus might demand more commitment than Sagittarius is willing to give, especially early in the relationship when the coals of passion are well and truly stoked up. Basically, Taurus wants to be in control, but Sagittarius certainly doesn’t like to be controlled. Conservative Taurus approves of the tried and true ways of doing things, but risk oriented Sagittarius will try anything. Sagittarius can also be quite blunt and will say whatever he or she think at the drop of a hat, which can bring the normally placid Bull to the boil. You will need to resolve your different attitudes to money, too, for the Bull likes to save for a rainy day, while Sagittarians are inclined to live for the thrill of the moment and will gamble the future on the turn of a coin.

If both of them find themselves in a relationship together, chances are very good that they will have complimentary Moon and Ascendant Signs which help them to overcome their fundamental differences. Expansive Jupiter urges the Archer to aim ever higher, always moving on to the next goal or conquest. The Jupiter dedication of the moment may take Sagittarians into a raging battle against the establishment which will usually be abrasive to the more conservative Taurus nature. Life is a quest for this Mutable Sign, and while he or she may enjoy the feast at Taurus’s table, it is usually just a stop along the way. As a fixed sign ruled by Venus, Taurus would much prefer to spend his or her days in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Even if he or she love to travel, he or she will more likely to require luxury accommodations, while his or her Sagittarian friend will get excited over pitching a tent on Mount Everest. A Taurus will in no way to change his slow, steady pace at all, so if these two are ever going to settle down and cash in on the several possible rewards of the sign pattern vibration, it is up to Sagittarius to stop running for a spell now and then. This is a 6-8 sign pattern emphasizing service, health and all manner of mystery. Because Sagittarius represents other’s money, for Taurus the Sagittarius may be the ones to raise the funds to realize their huge endeavors.

Since the bulls usually keep their eyes more or less fastened on the ground, they can help Sagittarius to watch out for the open sewers and other traps waiting to trip them. Normally Taurus remains close to family ties and a bull will sacrifice much for his or her loved ones and bear up under a bushel of trouble for them. Sagittarians are also willing to offer a helping hand and a cheery work to their relatives perhaps from a distance. Nevertheless, if these two decide to take a gamble and combine the Jupiter luck and logic with the Taurus native’s shrewdness and common sense, they stand a good change of making lots of money together.

Sagittarian woman looks on the bright side of things and her Sunny disposing makes the bull smile indulgently at the idealism. She will not recover as quickly from a broken heart as she will from smashed ambitions or a period of poverty. The gentle understanding of a patient Bull could heal her emotional scars and at the same time teach her that not all men are fickle phonies who break promises. She will be fond of argument. The Sagittarian girl enjoys crossing swords with a good antagonist. She will be a skillful debater and painfully honest, as her swift flashes of logic give her a sharp insight. But the trouble is that a Taurus man is not fond of argument and debate or even of overly long friendly discussions. She may then call her friends but this will only make things worse as the bull does not like to see noisy strangers in his home. As for how long the quarrels last, it depends on her awareness of his Venus ruled nature.

Normally she will forget her anger quickly. This could be an exciting meeting of fire and earth which will give them enough mutual pleasure and help to soften all their other differences. The Sagittarian woman often clings to her phantom lover, the one who promised to carry her off into the clouds in her adolescent fantasies. So there may be times when the Taurus man will vaguely sense that she is not entirely consumed by abandoned passion during their intimacies. A Sagittarius woman is quick to reach out for love and if the hand she grabs and holds tightly also offers friendship. She will be impulsive, excited by mental qualities and loyal if once she becomes sincerely attached.

On other hand a Taurus woman falls in love with a Sagittarius man for perfectly good reasons. He is an idealist, a cheerful companion when she is blue, an intelligent conversationalist, a dreamer, a philosopher, an astute businessman and a little boy who needs looking after. Although a Sagittarian is governed by sincerity in romance, it is not always accompanied by a sensitive regard for his partner’s feelings. A Sagittarius man needs a cheerful companion to take for hiking with him, someone who challenges him with her own independence and also smothers him with plenty of affection. A Sagittarian man who feels restricted may see, to submit because he is inclined to make the optimistic best of an existing situation but it will eventually lead him into becoming irritable and sarcastic and then the union will be one then they both should to try to understand each other’s different natures and sexual needs. However, the sexual spark will be not and, if they stick with it, the match will prove quite satisfying in the long run, because Taurus is stable and protective, with a fondness for a secure home and health. However it is not a match made in heaven. While this isn’t the most compatible combination, it can work when more harmonious connections between Moon and Ascendant exist. With patience and understanding, the steady Bull can learn to live with the venturesome Archer.


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