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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Gemini Man:

Since Gemini is a mental Air sign, the natives born under this sign will driven to spinning their brains almost continually, even in their sleep, think, theorizing, figuring, projecting, condemning, endorsing, discarding, sorting and analyzing the cold, hard facts and at the very same time that they will be chasing their visionary dreams.

A Gemini man will have a dual nature, which can get extended to three or four different personalities too. His typical personality traits include friendliness, love for people and getting along with almost everyone. He can talk on any topic under the Sun, will be an excellent conversationalist and will have a witty nature. More often than not, he will become the life of a party. If a woman wants his love and win his heart then she may have to face a tough competition with other women as well as with him as he will not allow himself to be pinned down and ruled by a woman. He will display his true self at the parties but if a woman wants to date him the she should not forget that he has three or four other identities also. If she needs a constant reassurance in love, then she should not even think of getting close to a Gemini man. He will always be there for her, but it will not be the same – being always there with her. His characteristic profile makes him restless and fidgety; so one should not expect him to be at the same place for too long. Being suspicious wouldn’t’ do much good either. If she still wants to be with him then she should prepare herself to accept his impatience.

The typical Gemini will be the favorite of every hostess. Very rarely a Geminian will not be a perfectly delightful conversationalist. He will have exquisite taste, he is loaded with witty remarks and his compliments are masterpieces of warm sincerity. One who can match his wit; even top him now and then because he will not be a egotist and in actual he will be a realist; and he will thrive on mental challenges. He will seek a mental companion above all else. Geminis will tend to discard old friends for new one but it does not mean that they will be heartless. Their own personalities will fluctuate and advance so relentlessly that it will only natural for them to seek those who match their interest at the time.

The best way to extinguish the flame between both of you will to bring monotomy and boredom into your relationship. He will run away. He loves, in fact needs, change. Just be as curious and as interested in life, and its different aspects, as he is. He wants a female who can catch up with him mentally. A Gemini man will never mind if you defeat him at his mind games every now and then, in fact he will be thrilled at getting an intelligent partner-cum-competitor. He is not an egoist and will want you to express your intelligence. A woman with brains will turn him on. Geminis tend to move over old friends and make new ones, but that’s because their personality changes so frequently that people find it difficult to cope up with them. They will love people as loneliness will disturbs them. To win the heart of a Gemini male, just assure him that you are the one who will always be near him, but won’t get too close to him or lean on him. He will gladly take you with him and let you see all that he sees. He is usually generous with money, but may turn stingy at times.

However, his basic nature includes a sharing attitude, in case of money, knowledge, happiness and almost everything. A Gemini man is too idealistic to indulge in adultery and loyalty is something you will not have to worry about. However, he may throw admiring glances at the hot babes on the beach. Just don’t doubt him; it may trigger him to do something he didn’t even think of doing before. You may try as much as you can to hide your suspicious from him, but he will be able to guess an d that would make him miserable.

A Gemini guy loves an audience, whether it comprises of males or females. However, it will never go beyond that, unless of course you doubt him. Just like he has male friends, he will have female friends too. It will be better if you make them your friends too. Don’t try to bind Gemini men too much and let them have their independence and freedom. In return, they will do the same for you. They make excellent fathers, who are more like buddies to their children. A Gemini man will cuddle them with love, compete with them like a friend and protect them like a father.

However, you will have to take over the responsibility of disciplining them. A Gemini male is not prone to jealousy and he will never be extremely possessive. He will trust you as much as he expects you to trust him. He may lack passion, but he will be full of romance. Just hear the same music he hears and see the same dreams he sees. Is he running? Try to catch up with him. If you get tired on the way, don’t worry. He will stop for you, hold your hand and build up your strength to run with him again.

In financial matters the duality of the sign will takes over the Gemini man. At first he may be fabulously generous then abruptly turn into misery. In marriage the Gemini man prefers a wife who can create a beautiful décor and atmosphere in the home. As a husband he will like to have an obliging spouse who should always be ready to see whatever his needs are as they arise. As a father he will tend to be more loving and affectionate to their daughter than sons. He will be a great person and will have a number of qualities like; he will be charming, witty, funny, clever, talkative, creative and adventurous. Women will be drawn to Gemini men because of their zest for life and their vitality and enthusiasm. A Gemini native will love women and will be very good at persuading them and manipulating them with his cleverness getting them into bed, he will say anything to get what he wants. He will be the master of seduction. If a woman is looking for a great fling then the Gemini man will be her top choice.


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