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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

There is also a darker side of his or her earthly wisdom and oneness and if not kept under control and mastered that may prove most dangerous. Dangerous traits of the native will be inertia, sluggishness and the beast grossness which comes about as a result of the fear of changes or of things which frighten the native and whom he or she cannot handle with confidence. When they defeat these fears they will quickly attract towards those who compelled them for making the changes, fear or no fear and after that the stability reasserts itself. The negativity of the natives born under this sign can be explained in terms of dullness, stubbornness and resistance to change. Perhaps native born under this sign can be selfish and stubborn but with all of this negativity he will be a good and dependable person. One can believe him blindly. If native make any promises to help or in matters of family responsibilities, their needs are met over and beyond what one would expect. While the native will be possessive and greedy, the same may not be visually apparent in human relationships however, it can be seen in his dietary habits. According to another school of thoughts, these native will have another special trait and that is, if something belongs to them; he will not share it with others. But sometime it may not be true. A Taurus native is nothing if not loyal and dedicated to his family and friends. Amongst all the signs this is the only sign which is nearest to the earth and therefore the natives born under this sign may have to battle the baser urges more than most.

These natives must learn to make all important decisions when entirely alone, because they will be influenced by the people which will around them. Moreover, they must keep themselves free from anger and jealousy. If these natives will overcome their passions and be honest and truthful to their better natures, they can perform a mighty work. Taurus’ forte lies in their power to make real their own or other people’s ideas. Generally they will not very inventive but they can take invention of the others and make it more practical and useful. The fact will be proved true in respect for all projects. Generally native will not especially keen on starting new projects, but once he get involved in any project; he will bring things to completion. This spirit shows that these natives carries everything in them and will be finishers and will go the distance so long as no unavoidable calamity intervenes.

Some times many people find them too stubborn, conservative, fixed and immovable. This is understandable, because these natives do not likes change either in the environment or in the routine. They even dislike changing their minds. On the other hand, this is their virtue. They love routine and if a routine is good, it will have many virtues. It is a fixed and ideally perfect in the way of taking care of things. Although these natives have fixed and unmovable nature but if a situation arises all of sudden, native can commit mistakes and mistakes cause discomfort and uneasiness for them too and something almost unacceptable to the natives. Regarding another misconception about these natives that they will be stubborn, one can say that this is true but if one see these natives closely it will be evident that in actual they are firm in their convictions and not nervous flibbertigibbets who continuously change their mind.

While an Aries loves speed, a native born under Taurus sign likes moving slow and steady. A common misconception about Taurus natives is that they are lazy. In actual if it is seen from another angle or from their angle then the fact comes out that they are not lazy at all. In fact they will simply be dedicated to this opinion that one should not waste his or her energy and that is why one will seldom catch them in a quick movement. They will be slow thinkers but one should not make the mistake of assuming that they lack intelligence. On the contrary, these natives will be very intelligent and take decision after thinking from all angles. It is just that they like to chew on ideas, to deliberate and weigh them up. Only after due deliberation is an idea accepted or a decision taken. Like a Bull they conserve their strength as well as money too.


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