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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The natives born under this sign will be fearless and kind, and very magnanimous when not irritated. They will generous, and apt to load themselves with the burdens and sorrows of others. A typical Taurus man will possess the same calm, silent strength of purpose as his astrological symbol express. This man knows what he wants and is willing to sacrifices whatever will be necessary without whining or complaining to reach the green pastures he seeks.

Natives born under this sign will take time to truly comprehend their emotions, but when they do, they make sure that they get their love. Love blindfolds them and they become generous to all the flaws of the relationship. Slender, mental and talkative ladies will not attract the native but a sensuous female will attract him very much and he may have a tendency for secret affairs. Female will feel secure with him and he will also make efforts to feel her secure for future also. The me grow large about the neck and abdomen, loud-voiced, and careless of their manners and reputations. Under wise direction and opposite state of good taste, good looks, and refinement obtains.

He will be a practical and down to earth personality. He will like a high quality sensual woman who can live with him forever and not a woman for one night. He will survey cautiously before he makes his approach towards any lady. Patience is his inborn quality and especially when it comes to a relationship, he will remain very patient. He will survey the situation and make sure the woman has something to offer he will put his woman on a pedestal, protect her and cherish her. Once he has chosen his woman, he will be very generous, loyal and faithful towards her. Although a Taurus male will not be a boring man, but h e will not be suitable for the females who craves adventure and excitement. Taurus man is for the woman who craves stability and comforts in her life. He is in incredible provider and will be a very fine choice as a partner for the right woman.

In marital relationship he will not like to have a tomboyish wife. Her wife should behave like a lady and he expect this behavior very much from his wife. Although he will respect her intelligence by bottom of his heart, but she should not make him feel embarrassed by contracting his statements in public or in front of his friends. If she do such a silly things then he will doom her like his bitter enemy. It is the nature of the native that whom he loves, he loves from bottom of his heart and whom he hates, he act same way. Due to this he will not like that his wife’s long absence in house. The reason is very much clear that she is his wife, he loves her very much and she has to live with him. Moreover, he will also not tolerate outsiders interfering in his house, be it her mother or anyone else.

He will like a girl to be his wife who is close to him, but is not clinging on to him forever. He wants his freedom and will also let her to enjoy her freedom too. He wishes that his wife should look most beautiful woman in the earth and for the purpose he will never react on her indulgence in feminine fashions. However outwardly calm and patient, underneath it all the bull is really passionate and excitable who can be aroused to a jealous rage over love affairs.

However, he is the boss of the house and his wife should come back to him whenever he asks her to do so. If his wife do so, he will be proved the most pleasant and agreeable husband on his earth. It will be his desire to handle the reins of the house and he will do anything and everything for his wife. A Taurus man will be extremely hard working and thus, needs to rest every now and then. One should not ever push him or accuse him of being lazy, especially when he is walking at his own leisurely pace.


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