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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Common diseases:

The diseases to which these people are subject are morbid mental conditions, heart troubles, dropsy, and tumors; when sensuality rules, apoplexy and brain disorder result. All these ailments and every other known to man can be entirely dominated, forever cast out, by those who realize that mind is the master and the body the servant of mind.

When a Taurus native contracts a disease, he holds on to it tenaciously. They have great fear of sickness, which makes them poor doctors or nurses. Also one must never let a Taurus patient to think that he is much ill, for his fear of sickness will often bring on a spell of it.

Love life:

A native born under Taurus sign will be strongly attracted to opposite sex but aggressive pursuit of any kind of pleasure will not be in his dairy. He is not the one who falls in the love at the first sight. In love, the native born under Taurus sign likes to have and to hold. He will like commitment and wish that the terms of a relationship should be clearly defined. More importantly, they will like to be faithful to one person only, and they expect that their counter part to reciprocate this fidelity. When this doesn’t happen, their whole world comes crashing down. When they are in love, they will be loyal, but they will also be very possessive. They are the marrying kind. They will be capable of great fits of jealousy if they are hurt in love.

The native will be satisfied with the simple things in a relationship. If one is involved romantically with a Taurus native there is no need for lavish entertainments and constant courtship. Only give him enough love, food and comfortable shelter and the native will be quite content to stay home and enjoy his or her company. Taurus native will be loyal to his partner for whole life if he feels comfortable and secure in the relationship, which will be his first priority in relationship.

In love, Taurus can sometimes make the mistake of trying to control their partners, which can cause great pain on both sides. The simple reason behind their actions will be their feeling a sense of ownership over their partners and will want to make changes that will increase their own general comfort and security. Generally this attitude can be accepted when it comes to inanimate and material things, but it will be proved dangerous when applied to spouse or other people. Taurus needs to be careful and attentive to this possible trait within them. Although he is treated as the most sensible male and reputation will be his chief concern but when a native of this sign falls in love no body will be in position to stop him or even move slightly away. When he gets caught in a romantic web, his common sense is buried beneath his newly discovered sense of touching, hearing, smelling and seeing girl of his deep dreams. He will be capable of making promises of eternal fidelity and for keeping them he will be most faithful, steady and loyal almost beyond belief.

A Venus ruled person, as in the case of Taurus natives, might also develop a lackadaisical attitude towards life and become too much inclined towards worthless pleasures and luxuries. In place of mind he will be ruled by heart and will expect the same from his loved ones. Appearances may matter to him more than the real worth of an individual. The planet imparts an excellent taste to the person it rules, along with the proper understanding of all the social charms, elegance and vanities.

The spirit of love has subjugated the most dangerous and violent types of the animal Taurus and the animal man Taurus. Valuable bulls, which nothing could subdue, have been instantly soothed and led captive by children who love them, and in whom they have confidence and so with the animal man too.


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