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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 23

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The Ram and the Archer make an ideal combination, being the perfect embodiment of Fire’s vigour and enthusiasm, Pioneering Aries and adventurous Sagittarius make great friends as well as avid lovers. Both of them will have a lot in common, being generally optimistic, outgoing and enthusiastic. Ram is a natural leader, while Archer is a free spirit who has no desire to be always in the front rank. Any issues about power and control can be sorted out peacefully. The ever enthusiastic Ram finds a true companion in the optimistic Archer. Both of them will enjoy the outdoors and will be natural party animals, but sometimes the Ram can be rather too possessive and demanding for the freedom loving Archer. A sense of adventure and high spirited play infuse the relationship. Both feel they can be their true selves with one another and not have to tone down any of their exuberance and energy, the way they might with someone else. In fact, the Ram and the Archer inspire and vitalize one another’s strength. Aries at times, clashes or competes with other strong individuals, but Sagittarius will be tolerant, not threatened, and doesn’t take the bait.

Aries normally admires and defends Sagittarius honesty since Aries also pride themselves on telling the truth. Normally neither Sagittarian not Aries will able to contain anger for long period of time and this 5-9 pattern vibration association will be smoothened with the quick regret and open forgiveness of both signs. On the surface these two persons will be so much alike that it will be difficult to detect any differences between them. Aries and Sagittarius both are fiery signs and fire attracts nearby fire by simple spark leaping from one flame to another. Similarly the Sagittarian man will be drawn to the Aries woman almost from the first time they meet either for friendship or love relationship. From the beginning they can establish mutual trust between them. Both of these tow lovers will be optimistic, open hearted, warm and friendly as well as visionaries but unlike Aries his visions will be more practical. Their sexual adjustment is almost automatic. Both of them will be deeply affectionate and there will not be any lack of passion in their relationship since both of them are fiery signs. His approach to physical lovemaking may be slightly more casual and detached than her and not quite so intense, but it will be sincere and idealistic.

Being fiery signs natives will be highly-sexed, so the flame of desire burns ever more brightly between them. Aries is ruled by dynamic Mars and Sagittarius is governed by expansive Jupiter. Jupiter focuses on enjoyment and new horizons, so Sagittarius loves to walk on the wild side. Mars of course is about taking the initiative and Aries, a creative, cardinal sign, always will be full of new ideas. Sagittarius will be adventurous, so both will happily go along for the ride. There is little competition between them, as Aries loves the glory and Sagittarian will usually be content to be the power behind the throne. Aries and Sagittarius are fiery signs, so both will have a huge fund of energy and will always up and at them. Differences of opinion don’t last long as Aries will be too busy for looking the next big challenge to hold a grudge, and Sagittarius will forgive and forget just as quickly. Intellectually they will be well suited and both will have a wide range of interests and love to talk about them. Sagittarius is more philosophical about problems than Aries, who becomes more personally involved. Arguments are often heated but generally short lived and making up is always fun. Also, both need personal freedom and space, and even if they spend all of their time together, it is unlikely to feel smothered in this relationship.

A Sagittarian woman attracted to an Aries man will be only doing what comes naturally. She will admire courage, craves excitement, like to have fun and the Aries man will certainly be not a stick in the mud. In her heart the Sagittarian girl longs for an intelligent and honest man who will take her into his warm arms and protect her forever even from herself. Once she will properly bent into submission she can be the sweetest woman in the world but the Aries man will need a quick turtle to catch the Sagittarius mare. In the beginning the Aries will be outraged by her blunt speech and lack of consideration for his tender male ego but gradually situation will improve. Majority of Sagittarian woman prefer male friends so the jealous Ram will have lots of opportunities to remind himself that she has only being friendly, cheerful and gregarious and not unfaithful.

Both Aries and Sagittarian will equally be guilty of flashes of conceit, business and recklessness, which they both consider to be virtues. Once they have discovered that compromise is the best way to solve their disagreements and end their quarrels, they can achieve a kind of mental and emotional harmony as well as physical harmony. Neither of these two signs will be stingy by nature so money will not create many problems between them. The Aries man will realize that this girl will be as much of an idealist about love and life as he will be or even more so. Her popularity and her friendly open manner with men do not change the quality of her basic integrity. He will have to be honest with her to keep the make believe and excitement alive in their relationship and not speak rashly in anger. Once they will permanently conquer their mutual unintentional selfishness, nothing can separate them. The strength of their love will be unconquerable as Mars and Jupiter are a formidable combination.

Both of these two natives will be well matched in their enthusiasm, energy and drive. Their common interests and similar personalities make Aries and Sagittarius a perfect match.


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