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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 29

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Aries 2011

General – Initially Jupiter in Pisces, transits twelfth houses gives moderate results.

Beginning May 8, 2011 onwards Jupiter in Aries, transits first houses gives moderate results.

Initially, Saturn in Virgo, transits sixth houses gives very good results.

Beginning Nov 15, 2011 onwards Saturn in Libra, transits seventh house called Kanta Sani, not a good transit, however Saturn in exaltation, should give good results for Aries native.

Rahu in Sagittarius, transits ninth houses gives bad results.

Beginning May 03, 2011 onwards Rahu in Scorpio transits eighth house gives bad results.

Ketu in Gemini, transits third houses gives good results.

Beginning May 03, 2011 onwards Ketu in Taurus, transits second house also gives bad results.

Jupiter when transits the twelfth, it also aspects the fourth, sixth, and eighth houses. During Jupiter in Pisces, you will be thoroughly expansive in genial, kindly emotional ways, with strong intuitive imagination, helpful for the arts and for psychic work. Over flowing with kin desire to help others. Or (If afflicted). You may be over-imaginative to the point of self-undoing through lack of commonsense in every-day affairs., Emotions too easily stirred to exaggerative expression.

There is a possibility of obtaining land or moving to a new home or apartment. It also indicates benefits and luck with the mother. Educational degrees are favoured, and you may get jewellery, ornaments, and other comforts. You may get a new car, plane, or boat. You will not be bothered by enemies or competitors, and your health is good. You will enjoys your daily work and gets along well with your bosses and co-workers. You may get money from partners, wills, legacies, and other unearned means. The person visits astrologers, palm readers, and psychics. Or, you may engage in your own astrological or occult studies. You get bargains and incur neither unexpected debts nor expenses. Finally, you will enjoy sexual pleasures and sleeps on luxurious beds. Jupiter when Well Aspected - This not infrequently will bring triumph over one’s enemies or those who have been, in some way, working indirectly against the native. If Afflicted – There will be a bad ending to matters after the native had expected everything to be favourable. The motto “Blessed is he who expecteth nothing, for he shall not be disappointed” is the best for those who have an afflicted Jupiter passing through this house. But when there are no afflictions, really big things may come unsought and unasked, and also unlooked for.

Jupiter transits the first house, it also aspects the fifth, seventh, and ninth houses. While the Jupiter is in Aries, the desire to enlarge the scope of your personal expression will be strong and forceful. Or (If afflicted). This will be overdone and over-accentuated in an aggressive manner.


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