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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 50

Dr. Shanker Adawal.

Saturn transits the tenth house, it also aspects the twelfth, fourth, and seventh houses. While Saturn is in Capricorn, Your expression of self in carefulness, practical ability, patience, success by long and ambitious planning, is likely to come to its best. Or (If afflicted). Your self concentration is on care for real or imagined necessities, can turn to a miserly insistence on getting much out of life for selfish ends, with coldness and lack of regard for the necessities of others.

You have more debts and expenses than usual and the possibility of loss from thieves and robbers. The person enjoys sex les then normal. You may have difficulties in remote foreign countries. It also indicates problems or restrictions associated with the person’s mother. The mother’s health may suffer, and there are obstacles or difficulties with cars, land, and the home. You get less happiness in married life, or, for single individuals, little opportunity for marriage or a satisfying relationship. You may experience some discord, restriction, or limitation from your father. The father may begin to behave strictly or severely. Or he may withdraw emotional support. Such behaviour is especially difficult if the transits occurs during early childhood. Saturn when Well Aspected. – This position also can bring legal difficulties, but, in a well aspected Natal chart, they will work out eventually to the benefit of the native, though everything will move very slowly. You will probably attain to some position of trust or responsibility or have some honour conferred upon you or will behave with such care and decorum as to receive the admiration and respect of those with whom he has to deal. If Afflicted – Saturn afflicted in the tenth brings a very adverse period. Failure, loss, financial and otherwise, trouble with employers or business associates, misunderstandings, delays and barriers of all kinds, are some of the things you will have to contends with. Nothing kinds, are some of the things you will have to contend with. Nothing will go well during the two years or more that Saturn will take to pass through this house representing business, profession and honour.

Rahu in the third house indicates an enormously strong will and an interesting personality. You should be courageous and adventurous. B working with your own hands, the intense cravings and fulfilling your desires is possible. You have an easier time with practicalities than anyone else. You will pay attention and quickly learns how things work here. All good things will happen and the native enjoys all comforts and luxuries through many ways. Money will come fro many sources and income will increase. The virility of the native will increase. You may have sex pleasure with ladies outside married life, particularly from widows. Native will enjoy timely and delicious food and brothers and sisters will help the native. Wife and children will recover from ill health and will be happy. The Ketu in the ninth house may indicate troubles with religious or spiritual teachers. Or you may have a guru or mentor who is strange, weird, occultism, extremely introverted, or invisible in a way.

Rahu in the Second house and the Ketu in the eighth house are the most troublesome node placements. The reason is that the second house, in the ancient predictive system, is considered family life; either node there causes serious harm and suffering. Many diseases of indigestion will ruin the health. There will be confusion and quarrel in the family. Foul plays will be set up to put down the native. There may be scandal due to a widow also. This will be bad time for wife and children. Happiness in general is much disturbed, and there may be marital strife and discord. When well aspected relations with persons of good standing and position will improve and be helpful for gain. Fearless, danger from weapon, influenced by mean persons. Ketu in the eighth house is good for intuition and psychic ability. Loss and careful handling of legacies, other’s money and insurance etc. Gain through possessions of dead and that of their property. One will have an extreme interest in sexual matters outside the family and will not care for the satisfaction of his wife. Secret diseases.


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