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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 46

Dr. Shanker Adawal.


Jupiter in Scorpio at beginning of the year 2019, transits the eighth houses. Gives moderate results.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – 29 Mar 2019 transits the ninth houses. Gives best results.

Jupiter in Scorpio – 23 Apr 2019 transits the eighth houses. Gives moderate results.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – 5 Nov 2019 & remains in Sagittarius for rest of the year 2019, transits the ninth houses. Gives best results.

Saturn in Sagittarius at beginning of the year 2019 & remains in Sagittarius for rest of the year 2019, transits the ninth houses. Gives moderate results.

Rahu (T) in Cancer at beginning of the year 2019, transits the fourth houses. Gives moderate results.

Rahu (T) in Gemini – 23 Mar 2019 & remains in Gemini for rest of the year 2019 transits the third houses. Gives very good results.

Ketu (T) in Capricorn at beginning of the year 2019, transits the tenth houses. Gives good results.

Ketu (T) in Sagittarius – 23 Mar 2019 & remains in Sagittarius for rest of the year 2019, transits the ninth houses. Gives moderate resuts.

Jupiter transits the eighth house, it also aspects the twelfth, second, and fourth houses. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, you will expand through ways of reserved, yet strong, intense desire for life. Your feelings are deep and sympathies widely. Or (If afflicted). You have the risk of over strong feelings of all kinds, pushing the self to violence of behaviour.

The native’s materials like eatables grains etc. get spoiled and damaged. You will have to go away from your home town and move to unwanted places. You will be relieved from your job (dismissed etc), You will lose self respect and suffer humiliation. Your longevity will be shortened (If Maraka Dasa coincides with judged life span). You will have liaison with low ranked men and so scandal may crop up and you will get defamed. Your body will lose health, unfavourable travel and suffer on account of it, accidents may happen. Misfortune and misery will follow. There will be shortage of money and you will remain poor. You will get involved in litigation and spend unnecessarily on that account. There is fear of imprisonment. You may contact many diseases. You will suffer due to lack of mental peace. Diseases and bad health will take you to the extent of danger to life. However you will have a year full of personal growth, spiritual development, bargains sexual enjoyment, and the possibility of travel to remote foreign countries for spiritual purposes. You may experience good luck, earning wealth, and favourable educational experiences there. You may move or obtain a new home or new car. You may benefit from your mother, and your relationship brings happiness at this time to her. Jupiter when Well Aspected. – If legacies are promised in the nativity, this is the best position of the great benefic or obtaining them. Gains should also come through the partner, of whatever kind. It tends to produce a more tranquil state of mind, and intuitive feeling, coming from the higher planes, that everything is well. If afflicted, there could be losses in connection with these very things, but it would be more through overconfidence or wastefulness which could be avoided by a little extra caution at such a time.
Jupiter transits the ninth house, it also aspects the first, third, and fifth houses. While Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you will express fineness of character through the desire to expand self, being in love of liberty for self and others, through generosity, and through dignity without pomposity. Or (If afflicted). The exaggeration of licentious behaviour by you and freedom at any price lacking concentration is indicated.

You will maintain good health, promotions, favouritism, and general happiness. You may become famous in politics. You will observe religious rule and discipline, sacred deeds and undertake rituals like Pooja and religious remedies. Your fortune will shine during the time. Your income will increase and you get support from your parents. Many people will come to the help of the native. You will patronize many men and protects them. You become very learned as a scholar. Your entire endeavour gets a success. Your home will be full of all fundamental and essential items. You will have the ability to fulfill daily desires. Associations with all siblings except the eldest bring benefits. Your wife may give the news of pregnancy or childbirth, favourable experiences with children, successful investments, and mental exuberance. Jupiter when Well Aspected. – This is good for all matters of philosophy, science or religion. Those who have a well-placed Jupiter should make great strides while Jupiter is transiting through this house, since the mind is clearer and better balanced, the intuition is increased and there are higher aspirations. Both Jupiter and this house have to do with foreign affairs, so that when the aspects are good it makes an excellent time to deal with foreign countries, to take long journeys, and to establish communications. It is also excellent for publications and for handling lawsuits. If Afflicted – Care should be taken in all the above matters, for there will be danger of loss, waste or failure due to poor, judgment, over enthusiasm or arrogance, particularly applied to litigation.


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