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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 44

Dr. Shanker Adawal.


Jupiter in Libra at beginning of the year 2018, transits seventh houses. Gives good results.
Jupiter in Scorpio – 11 Oct 2018 & remains in Scorpio for rest of the year 2018, transits the eighth houses. Gives moderate results.

Saturn in Sagittarius at beginning of the year 2018 & remains in Sagittarius for rest of the year 2018, transits the ninth houses. Gives moderate results.

Rahu (T) in Cancer at beginning of the year 2018 & remains in Cancer for rest of the year 2018, transit the fourth houses. Gives moderate results.

Ketu (T) in Capricorn at beginning of the year 2018 & remains in Capricorn for rest of the year 2018, transits the tenth houses. Gives good results.

Jupiter transits the seventh house it also aspects the eleventh, first, and third houses. While Jupiter is in Libra, your natural desire for self-expansion is through using the ability to be companionable and well loved. Or (If afflicted). You cannot be happy alone.

You will effortlessly fulfill your daily desires and major goals. You have tremendous energy for daily errands and minor tasks throughout this transit. Relationships with siblings, both younger and older, are favoured, also are friendships and group activities. You may have promotions, advancement, good luck, fortune, and a measure of spiritual development. You can expect strong sexual desires and cravings, which you now fulfill effortlessly. You are diplomatic, and you experience peace and harmony and a powerful sense of appreciation. Love comes quite naturally to you now. You are sociable generous, affectionate, and capable of intimacy. Jupiter when Well Aspected. When Jupiter is well aspected in the nativity this is particularly good, and one of the best times to marry. It is excellent, in fact, for partnerships and unions of all kinds, and brings opportunities to overcome one’s open enemies. If Afflicted – It is likely to bring trouble and loss through lawsuits, extravagance on the part of the partner, ill-advised actions and some affliction to the health.

Jupiter transits the eighth house, it also aspects the twelfth, second, and fourth houses. While Jupiter is in Scorpio, you will expand through ways of reserved, yet strong, intense desire for life. Your feelings are deep and sympathies widely. Or (If afflicted). You have the risk of over strong feelings of 
all kinds, pushing the self to violence of behaviour.

The native’s materials like eatables grains etc. get spoiled and damaged. You will have to go away from your home town and move to unwanted places. You will be relieved from your job (dismissed etc), You will lose self respect and suffer humiliation. Your longevity will be shortened (If Maraka Dasa coincides with judged life span). You will have liaison with low ranked men and so scandal may crop up and you will get defamed. Your body will lose health, unfavourable travel and suffer on account of it, accidents may happen. Misfortune and misery will follow. There will be shortage of money and you will remain poor. You will get involved in litigation and spend unnecessarily on that account. There is fear of imprisonment. You may contact many diseases.


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