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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 42

Dr. Shanker Adawal.

Aries -2017

Jupiter in Virgo at beginning of the year 2017, transits the sixth houses. Gives bad results.

Jupiter in Libra – 12 Sep 2017 & remains in Libra for rest of the year 2017, transits the seventh houses Gives good results.

Saturn in Scorpio at beginning of the year 2017, transits the eighth houses. Gives bad results.

Saturn in Sagittarius – 26 Jan 2017, transits the ninth houses. Gives moderate results.

Saturn in Scorpio – 21 Jun 2017, transits the eighth houses from your Moon. Gives bad results.

Saturn in Sagittarius – 26 Oct 2017 & remains in Sagittarius for rest of the year 2017, transits the ninth houses from your Moon. Gives moderate results.

Rahu (T) in Leo at beginning of the year 2017, transits the fifth houses. Gives good results.

Rahu (T) in Cancer – 09 Sep 2017 & remains in Cancer for rest of the year 2017, transits the fourth 
houses from your Moon. Gives moderate results.

Keu (T) in Aquarius at beginning of the year 2017, transits eleventh houses. Gives good results.

Jupiter transits the sixth, it also aspects the tenth, twelfth, and second houses. While Jupiter is in Virgo, You desire for more scope in life, is expressed in quiet unassuming ways. Critical faculties strengthened. Or (If afflicted). You develop exaggeration of habit of constant criticism.

This year is for wealth and career expansion. You will also benefit from education, knowledge, or any literary undertakings. And will succeed in doing good deeds for society at this time. You will not be plagued by unexpected debts and expenses. Growth is plentiful, and you will make very good progress on the spiritual path. Travel to remote foreign countries for spiritual purposes may occur at this time. You will not be bothered by rivals, opponents, or jealous people. Neither you are likely to be accused in court caes. Jupiter when Well Aspected. – This is good for the health and most people gain in weight when Jupiter passes through this house. Gold for seeking employment, changing work, dealing with servants, changing help, and generally securing the favour and appreciation of those who are working for one, or for whom one is working. If Afflicted – The judgment will not be so good in any of these matters and prospects may be spoiled through overconfidence, over enthusiasm, or conceit, according to the nature of the afflictions.

Jupiter transits the seventh house it also aspects the eleventh, first, and third houses. While Jupiter is in Libra, your natural desire for self-expansion is through using the ability to be companionable and well loved. Or (If afflicted). You cannot be happy alone.

You will effortlessly fulfill your daily desires and major goals. You have tremendous energy for daily errands and minor tasks throughout their transit. Relationships with siblings, both younger and older, are favoured, also are friendships and group activities. You may have promotions, advancement, good luck, fortune, and a measure of spiritual development. You can expect strong sexual desires and cravings, which you will now fulfill effortlessly. You are diplomatic, and you experience peace and harmony and a powerful sense of appreciation. Love comes quite naturally to you now. You are sociable generous, affectionate, and capable of intimacy. Jupiter when Well Aspected. When Jupiter is well aspected in the nativity this is particularly good, and one of the best times to marry. It is excellent, in fact, for partnerships and unions of all kinds, and brings opportunities to overcome one’s open enemies. If Afflicted – It is likely to bring trouble and loss through lawsuits, extravagance on the part of the partner, ill-advised actions and some affliction to the health.

Saturn transits the eighth house, it also aspects the tenth, second, and fifth houses. While Saturn is in Scorpio, caution and limitation are expressed by you as strong reserve and in secrecy. Deepest emotions very one-pointed. Or (If afflicted). The expressions are as your jealousy. Emotional outlets desired.


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