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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 36

Dr. Shanker Adawal.


Jupiter in Gemini transits third houses, at beginning of the year 2014 gives bad results.

Jupiter in Cancer transits fourth houses – Jun 19, 2014, gives good results.

Saturn in Libra transits seventh houses at beginning of the year 2014 gives moderately good results.

Saturn in Scorpio transits eighth houses. Nov 2, 2014, called Ashtama Sani gives intensified bad results.

Rahu in Libra transits seventh houses at beginning of the year 2014 gives moderate results.

Rahu in Virgo transits sixth houses, Jul 13, 2014 gives very good results.

Ketu in Aries transits first houses from your Moon – 14 Jan 2013 gives bad results.

Ketu in Pisces transits twelfth houses – Jul 13, 2014 gives moderate results.

Jupiter transits the third house, it also aspects the seventh, ninth, and eleventh houses. While Jupiter is in Gemini (Detriment), your self-expansion tends to be through mental alertness. You Gains advantage through versatility. You will be very talkative. Or (If afflicted). Your self-expansion will be through slick cleverness. Over-talkative, “too clever by half.”

There is a possibility of marriage or a significant new love relationship. A period of good luck, long-distance travel, and favourable experiences with religious teachers or institutions of higher learning is indicated. You may be benefited by positive group activity and good rapport with friends. It also indicates benefits from the eldest sibling and financial gains from “side ventures” other than one’s daily means of support. You are very energetic and active within your immediate surroundings, and relationships with your Siblings and relatives are favoured. You may enjoy the company of brothers and sisters, or receive benefits, blessings, ad advantages from them. You will be constantly making short journeys within your neighbourhood. You may interact more with friends, neighbours, and relatives than usual and enjoys variety and “spice of life” for approximately one year. Jupiter when Well Aspected. Excellent time for you to seek promotion or an increase in salary, if employed in third house affairs, or acting as go between for anyone. Favourable outcome for any journey undertaken. If Afflicted – Care should be taken to avoid being aggressive or too expansive, thereby causing offence. It would mean the loss of a position, or a break with relatives.

Jupiter transits the fourth, it also aspects the eighty, tenth, and twelfth houses. While Jupiter is in Cancer (Exaltation) your self-expansion will be in a kind, protective, sympathetic way. Or (If afflicted). 
You have exaggeration of wish to keep to the self, those held by emotional ties.

You will be interested in astrology, metaphysical studies, and spiritual growth. You should get good results from wills, legacies, joint finances, and money from “unearned” means (lotteries, insurance benefits, etc.). This period gives the possibility of travel to remote foreign countries for spiritual purposes, along with beneficial experiences in such lands. You will have career success and expansion of one’s influence in the professional sphere. You will be happy and contented, and successful in obtaining cars, homes, ornaments, educational degrees. Jupiter when Well Aspected. Jupiter is always welcome in Kendra, and in the fourth he brings better home conditions, a greater expansion in the home in some way, and an abundance of everything. This is the time when one should seek to settle permanently into congenial surroundings, for Jupiter always brings permanent benefits. The writer knows of one woman who had been in business for a great number of years, and who retired, but was uncertain as to where to locate herself and finally decided, just as Jupiter came to the cusp of the fourth house, upon a place that was exactly suited to her needs. She has remained there for a number of years and may stay in the same place until the end of her life. Jupiter in this house makes for sociability in the home, for better and more harmonious domestic conditions, and brings a better chance of present issues having a successful ending. If Afflicted, there will be waste, extravagance or legal difficulties in connection with the home, property or investments.

Saturn transits the seventh house, it also aspects the ninth, first, and the fourth houses. While Saturn is in Libra (Exaltation), your desire to control and need for patience is expressed in balanced reasonable ways and necessity comes to be accepted as experience. Or (If afflicted). The lack of reciprocity from others brings depression and loneliness and an inability to realize this as springing from within the self.


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