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Know About Zodiac Signs: Aries (Mesh), Chapter 1, Part - 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal

They are completely opposite signs from each other residing at 180 degree apart on the zodiac. To Libra, an Aries crush will often viewed as too high strung, while Libras indecisiveness will be often seen as shallow. A basic difference in their personalities is that Libra likes to look at both sides of an issue and consider any situation from every angle. Libra likes to discuss ideas with others, get their opinion, and sometimes has difficulty coming to a definitive decision. Aries is prone to be just the opposite, taking a strong, more one sided view of a situation and frequently is uninterested in hearing others’ point of view. Most of the time in this relationship, the Libran will remain cool and stable but when the Aries aggressiveness becomes intolerable, this gentle person of Libra sign will become like a thunderstorm. I order for the relationship to work, they will have to reconcile this basic difference in their personalities. Over time, Libra may feel that Aries is a selfish egotist and Aries may feel that Libra is a weak-willed. Libra makes many more compromises and accommodations for the relationship than Aries do. Greater appreciation and respect for each other than this is required to make this relationship work. But, if they work together on a common ground, a perfect balance could prevail between the two. Finally it is a difficult match.

The Ram is decisive, fascinating and magnetic and Libra will be swept along by the Ram’s delight in discovering him. Both of them will be romantics, but where Libra’s natural ideal is achieved through harmony, the Ram boldly overcomes opposition to possess his heart’s desire. At first, you’ll love the Ram’s independence and flair. However, in time, if you want to maintain the peace, you’ll have to forgive many peccadilloes born of haste or impatience. Can the Ram learn to say `sorry’ without losing the native charm and initiative you love? Hmmm. Something to ponder on. Aries, a Fire Sign, finds Libra’s elegant style fascinating, but may interpret your love of cooperation as interest; since Rams believe that they are the most interesting things in the world. Fire signs personalize experience and see the `self’ as the centre. Libra will show their Ram that they see many things outside as interesting and it is your job to wealth them up. Both of you love drama and have passionate concerns. On this roller-coaster ride, the Ram’s impulses may clash with Libra’s need to ponder.

Libra enjoys examining their options at length, but the Ram will be ready to take a wrong track, then put it right rather than wait. Rams have little sympathy with the agony of indecision. Libra, on the other hand, will find Ram’s rashness wearing. Libra can be powerful allies if they work out for a mutual process, but if they don’t work, they will rarely agree on how to tackle anything. Mutual effort at domestic harmony will be essential, as Libra love debate but don’t care for conflict. Under the natural instinct to imitate the opposite sign, a Ram will frequently discover that a relationship with a Libran friend, relative, business, associate, lover or mate leaves him or her with the Mars courage and intense drive intact but softened into a more tolerant and balanced Venus pattern.

The typical Aries woman will not look for a muscle man. In spite of it she would like to have a lover whose mental muscles have biceps. The Libra ma’s mind does it and he will stimulate and challenge her mentally and emotionally. To Libra male drifting off to romance or dreamland within the soft folds of one of those undulating billowy contraptions will be very close to his idea of heaven. His approach to sex will be mental, light and airy. He will seek shimmering ideals and far out experiences of erotic expression and sensual feeling. Ethereal love and aesthetic sexual response can leave Aries somewhat chilly. Aries female need plenty of warm affection and fiery lovemaking to feel  completely fulfilled in a physical relationship. With this man she may be left feeling a little empty.

This can be an exciting match if they learn to rely on each other. Without such reliance, romance is likely to fizzle out.


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