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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Planetary Combinations Deciphering Wealth & Prosperity, Chapter XI, Part - 32

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planetary Combinations of Benefic Planets Opposing Natal Moon

Adhi Yoga gets formed when the benefic planets, namely the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, gets positioned in the sixth, seventh and eighth houses from the natal Moon in a horoscope chart. This Yoga arises from the placement of the benefic planets, namely the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, in the three houses opposed to the natal Moon, resulting into benefic aspects from the benefic planets, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter falling on the natal Moon and the houses twelfth and second from the Moon, which is considered highly beneficial for the native. It is not necessary that al the three benefic planets, namely Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, should occupy one house each. They may separately or jointly occupy all or any of the three houses, namely the sixth, seventh and the eighth house from the natal Moon.

Though it is desirable that all the three benefic planets, the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, should participate in constitution of this Yoga, for a strong effect of this Yoga, but sufficient results are still produced if only one or two planets of the three benefic planets occupy the sixth, seventh or the eighth houses from the natal Moon. It is desirable that the planets forming this Yoga be strong, bereft of malefic aspect or association and not be combust, otherwise the desired results may get modified depending upon the planets or aspects influencing the Yoga.

The person born with Adhi Yoga becomes powerful like a king and hold kingly status in life. They make ministers, parliamentarians, kings, ambassadors or commanders in army and enjoy power and position. The native under the influence of this Yoga is bestowed with wealth, financial prosperity, material success, high status, power, good health and recognition within the society. This Yoga is favourable for attaining high recognition, position and status in government departments.

Example 1: Bill Gates

Birth Date: 28.10.1955

Birth Time: 20:50:00

Birth Place: Seattle, USA.

Balance of Dasha: Saturn 5-9-16

Remarks: Bill Gates become one of the wealthiest person in the world at the age of 41. His father was a lawyer by profession. He established Microsoft, a software company and amassed enormous wealth in his life. The Adhi Yoga present in his horoscope chart by placement of the planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in sixth, seventh and eighth house respectively from his natal Moon, which is placed in the sign Pisces, bless him with enormous accumulation of wealth and prosperity. He is blessed with plenty of wealth, and financial prosperity as a result of this Yoga in his chart.


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