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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Planetary Combinations Deciphering Wealth & Prosperity, Chapter XI, Part - 24

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In addition to the standard definition for Gajakesari Yoga which states that this Yoga comes into effect whenever the planet Jupiter occupies the Kendra houses from the natal Moon, there are few more interpretation for this Yoga, which can found mentioned in the ancient classics and are discussed below:

1. According to Jataka Parijata, if the planet Moon is aspected by the benefics, namely Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and at the same time these planets are neither debilitated nor combust then this combination results into Gajakesari Yoga in the chart. Of the native.

2. According to sage Parashara’s Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, if the planet Jupiter is placed in the Kendra houses from the natal Moon or the Ascendant then this combination produces a Gajakesari Yoga, but at the same time Jupiter must also be associated with or aspected by the benefic planets and neither be debilitated nor be combust, as well as it must not be placed in the 6th house of the horoscope.

Besides the actual placement of the planet Jupiter in relation to the Moon, there are few other factors of importance which materially influence the outcome of any Gajakesari Yoga within a horoscope. Some important factors which influence the results of any Gajakesari Yoga are discussed below in the following points:

1. Strength of Moon and Jupiter: Both the Moon and Jupiter must be strong in a chart for an effective Gajakesari Yoga. If both the constituent planets of Gajakesari Yoga, namely the Moon and Jupiter, are weak or debilitated or under the aspect from the malefic planets or in association with the malefic planets in the chart then this Yoga looses the most of its sheen.

It must be noticed that the Moon rules the sign Cancer and is exalted in Taurus, whereas Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces while it is exalted in Cancer. Therefore the Gajakesari Yoga cannot get formed with both the constituent planets, namely the Moon and Jupiter, in their exaltation signs or both the planets occupying their own houses in the horoscope, since when the Moon is exalted, the Jupiters exaltation sign doesn’t fall in Kendra houses from the Moon. When Moon occupies its own sign then the signs ruled by the Jupiters, namely the Sagittarius and Pisces doesn’t fall in the Kendra houses from the Moon. Thus the best form of Gajakesari Yoga is placement of both the Moon and Jupiter, in conjunction, within the sign Cancer, which is ruled by Moon and also is the exaltation sign for Jupiter. Bothe the planets Moon and the Jupiter becomes very strong by being positioned into the sign Cancer.

2. Ownership of the houses by the Moon and Jupiter: The ownership of the houses, from the Ascendant of a horoscope, by both the Moon and Jupiter, is of great significance in assessment of the results originating from any Gajakesari Yoga. When both the constituent planets, namely the Moon and Jupiter, occupies the benefic houses, then the Gajakesari Yoga arising out of such Moon and Jupiter combination confers favourable results to the native. However, if the constituent planets own adverse houses, then the outcome of any such Gajakesari Yoga fails to properly cast its favourable result on the native. When either of the two constituent planets of the Gajakesari Yoga, namely the Moon and the Jupiter, owns the tenth house in a horoscope, then this Yoga becomes very strong, powerful and highly beneficial for the native.


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