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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Planetary Combinations Deciphering Wealth & Prosperity, Chapter XI, Part - 27

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planetary Combinations of Occupation of Twelfth House from Moon

This Yoga gets formed when any planet other than Sun occupies the twelfth position from the natal Moon. Anpha Yoga bestows good health, happiness, handsome personality, wealth, prosperity and royal lifestyle to the native. The native is modest, righteous, virtuous and disciplined. He also enjoys very high status, kingly status with the comforts and luxuries of material life. When different planets constitute Anpha Yoga, they confer different manifestation to the results experienced by the native. The variation in the results of Anpha Yoga under the association of different planets is explained below:

1. Mars: If the planet Mars occupies the twelfth position from the natal Moon then the native becomes fearless, cruel, wrathful, bold, courageous, leader of band of thieves or dacoits, good looking, wealthy and prosperous. This native may hurt everyone including his own mother, perhaps to acquire wealth and prosperity in life or meet his financial expenditures.

2. Mercury: If the planet Mercury occupies the twelfth position from the natal Moon then the native becomes learned, scholarly, religious, eloquent, poet, handsome, good looking and well versed in music, dance, singing, writing or fine arts. The native earns immense name, fame and popularity but it is bad for the native’s progeny.

3. Jupiter: If the planet Jupiter occupies the twelfth position from the natal Moon then the native becomes learned scholarly, intellectual, religious, pious, virtuous, disciplined, good looking, handsome, poetic, energetic and renowned in life. The native becomes rich, wealthy and influential in life.

4. Venus: If the planet occupies the twelfth position form the natal Moon then the native becomes good looking with pleasant personality, learned and honoured in the society or popular among the opposite sex. The native possess enormous wealth, prosperity, good wife, happy family, land, house, vehicles and property in life.

5. Saturn: If the planet Saturn occupies the twelfth position from the natal Moon then the native becomes clever, skillful, wealthy and owner of estates, vast lands, farms, houses and cattle. Native enjoys others wealth association with wicked women and inclined towards forbidden pursuits.


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