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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Wealth & Prosperity through Gambling & Speculation, Chapter XVIII, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Gambling and speculation are the oldest pastimes throughout the world. It has been perceived as the quickest and easiest way of earning and making huge wealth, prosperity and fortune with little effort. Though the reverse is also true, and many people looses wealth, prosperity and fortune through gambling and speculation, and no bankrupt, hence it is a curse for the mankind too. The mythological stories of the emperor Nala and the Pandavas of the great epic Mahabharata are well known for their addiction to gambling and their subsequent losses and miseries in life. Yet gambling and speculation is still popular in the society in its various forms.

Los Vegas in USA is the famous destination for large scale gambling. Gambling enjoys the status of industry there, and the entire economy of that place is dependent only on gambling. Gambling existed in various forms, like betting on card games, cock fighting, full fighting, ram fighting, horse racing etc. Some modern variant forms of gambling are betting on sports like cricket, hockey, tennis, wrestling etc. Gambling on the stock prices in the share and stock markets is also a form of gambling and speculation. Some forms of gambling and speculation is banned or restricted I some or the other countries while other forms of gambling or speculation enjoys the status of lawful practice.

Speculation being the intrinsic nature of a human being everyone resort to speculation at some stage of his life, in some or the other from. In order to make maximum profits with minimum investments and within a short span of time, quickly and fast before the others, one resort to speculation. This has made the practice of speculation popular among the people within any society or country.

Successful speculation helps in speedy multiplication of fortune, wealth and prosperity in life. Success and failure in speculation or the gain and loss in speculation are attributed to the native’s own acumen, luck, fortune and wisdom. Without holding enough good fortune and adequate experience, speculators always venture into the act of speculation under the fear of failure or loss of wealth into it. In the act of speculation, neither any goods are physically handled nor the quality factors of any goods or services raises disputes and causes delays or any kind of problems in the payment, hence a speculator remains free from these kind of worries in his mind, except about is success or failure in the speculation.

A speculator once master the techniques and his acumenship in handling the bearish and bullish trend in the stock markets, develop his intuition and expertise in his speculative ventures which reduces the fear of his loss or failures and also helps in developing his confidence. Buying and selling decisions in the stock markets are governed by the individual sentiments of greed and fear in the stock markets, which are governed by the stars and planets again, which causes fluctuations in the prices in the stock markets.


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