Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Deciphering the Source of Wealth & Prosperity, Chapter XVII, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Every human being is destined to achieve wealth and prosperity, though the quantity of wealth may be large or small, and this wealth comes to him through some or the other source. Some individual may have one single source of income while some may have two sources of income and others may be destined to  have multiple or more than one source of income, as per their destiny. Even some individuals may be totally dependent on others and may gain wealth as a result of gain to the other individuals being near or dear to them. These different sources of income or gain of wealth and prosperity in life can be deciphered by the horoscope and the planets positioned there in.

Determination of source of income through horoscope becomes important while choosing the right career by any youth in his life. Students may choose the right stream for their higher studies by predetermining their source of income, and studying in the correct field of higher education. Businessmen can choose the right business for making fruitful investments in his life, and so on. Hence determination of source of income plays and important role in planning the future course of action for any individual. By determining the source of income in advance one can plan his investment in right direction or one can put in his hard work and labour in the right kind of work.

Some common sources of income for any individual is given below:

1. Self Efforts

2. Job, Service, Hard Work and Labor

3. Trade, Business or Profession

4. Marriage or Spouse

5. Inheritance

6. Speculation

7. Unfair Means

8. Loan or Grant

1. Self Efforts

If Indu lagna is occupied by the malefic planet and at the same time the planet happen to be in the sign of its exaltation then the native is likely to earn riches and wealth later in life. This native gains financial prosperity in his life by his own efforts.

If in a horoscope the natural benefic planets, namely Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, are placed in the Upachaya houses, namely the 3rd 6th 10th and 11th house then this give rise to a Vasumati Yoga. This Yoga bestows progress, rise, wealth and financial prosperity to the native and the native does not remain dependent on the others for his needs and substance.

2. Job, Service, Hard work and Labor

Job, Service, Hard Work and Labor and the matters related to these activities of life is signified by sixth house of a horoscope, and the natural significator for service is Saturn. Apart from the Saturn, Sun and Mercury also plays an important role in the service related matters.

Sun signifies any authority whether it be government job or private job, hence the Sun must be considered for promotion, rise, success and favours from the authority in any kind of service.

Mercury signifies intelligence, logic, dealings, expression and diplomacy. All these characteristics play an important role in success or failure in any service for any native.

If the sixth house in a horoscope is occupied by Saturn, Sun or Mercury, or the sixth house or its lord is aspected by Saturn, Sun or Mercury then the native earns wealth and prosperity in life through Job, Service, Hard Work and Labor.

If the sixth house or its lord is aspected by benefic planets then the native earns wealth and prosperity in life through Job, Service, Hard Work and Labor and rise to a high position with frequent promotions.

If the sixth house or its lord is aspected by malefic planets then the native faces difficulties in Job, Service, Hard Work and Labor related matters and faces difficulties and obstructions in the way of his promotions advancement in service matters.

If the sixth house or its lord is aspected by Rahu or Mars then the native faces litigations in Job, Service, and Labor related matters and faces difficulties and obstructions in the way of his promotions advancement in service matters.


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