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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Planetary Combinations Deciphering Misery, Misfortune & Poverty, Chapter XII, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Yogas which give unfavourable results are considered inauspicious Yogas. These Yogas are formed by combination of planets with respect to certain houses of horoscope and or certain signs of zodiac, as in case of the auspicious Yogas. The inauspicious Yogas bring misery, misfortune and poverty to the native. Lords of sixth, eighth and twelfth house can destroy the positive influence of any good horoscope, if they happen to be positioned in the benefic houses, or cast aspect to the benefic planets or if they get placed in association with the benefics.

Planetary Combinations Producing Poverty

All such combinations which brings poverty, lack of prosperity, misery and misfortune to the native comes under the heading of Daridra Yoga. There are many such combinations, but basically, the association of the lords of 1st 2nd 4th 5th 7th 9th 10th or 11th house with the lords of 8th or 12th house in particular due to exchange of signs, conjunction, aspects or constellations can give rise to an inauspicious Yoga, which may obstruct prosperity and happiness and bring misery, poverty and misfortune to the native.

Daridra Yoga arises when all the seven planets, from the Sun to Saturn, are placed in contiguous houses, in such a manner, that a planet next in neutral order, is placed in the preceding house. Simply stating, if Venus is placed in the second house from the Saturn, Jupiter is placed in the second house from the Venus, Mercury is placed in the second house from the Jupiter, Mars is in second house from the Mercury, The Moon in second house from the Mars and the Sun is placed in the second house from the Moon. This Yoga cannot exist in a Ascendant chart since Mercury and Venus cannot stray away so far from the Sun as required by this Yoga, therefore this Yoga has to be examined in the navamsha chart.

Daridra Yoga confers on the native extreme poverty, misery, sufferings and destination in life. In absence of strong Ascendant lord this Yoga lead to ill health, diseased and sickly body.

Some other planetary combinations giving rise to Daridra Yogas are explained below:

1. When all the planets either be in debilitation or in inimical houses within the navamsha chart, even though these planets be exalted in the horoscope chart, produce native who lives by begging or depending upon others mercy for their food and other needs. This native serves the low deeds and indulges in wicked deeds.

2. Planets which associate with the sixth, eighth and the twelfth lords, as also with the lords of the second and seventh house, bereft of the influence or the aspect from the lords of fifth and ninth house, produce extreme poverty, misery and loss of wealth and prosperity to the native.

3. The placement of the Ascendant lord in the twelfth house and the twelfth lord in the Ascendant, and influence or the aspect from the lords of second and seventh house on either or both of them produces Daridra Yoga.


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