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Life - it is CHAKRAVIYU ( the strategic layout in Mahabharat to TRAP Abhimanyu - he knew how to enter which he learnt while being in his mothers womb but did not know , how to come out of it - he was KILLED by five powerful people ) . 
The CHAKRAVIYU of life no one can AVOID - even Shri Krishna ( incarnation of the supreme ) could not avoid WHEN HE CAME AS A HUMAN BEING ON EARTH .
He was a shepherd ( taking cattles' to the pastures ), then he was driving the chariot of ARJUNA in the battlefield and also getting angry at BHISHMA where he picked a chariot wheel to attack him ( a thing he promised he would not do ). 
If he could not avoid these vagaries of life - where are WE ?. 
The five people who killed Abhimanyu were not people but were anger, greed , lust , ignorance and desires . We have to fight or deal with them as soon as we enter the world & its Chakravuyu. 
Those who are able to get over the five enemies mentioned above are the ones who come out of the CHAKRAVIYU or get bliss , moksha - whatever you can name. 
Also remember YUDHISHTER ( he was righteousness personified as a human in the epic ). He had told ABHIMANYU ( his nephew ) that AS he knows to enter so he should go inside and they will come form the back and save him . 
The ASSURANCE & FAITH made him enter confidently the CHAKRAVUYU but they did not come and he was killed. 
This is life - we fight - do things - on faith & assurance of different kinds but they are all illusions and tricks/methods - by which we enter into situations ( battlefield of life ) and get killed. 
How to fight longer & better is the essence of our CHAKRAVIYU.

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