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Krishna has two phases in his life and they teach us a lot. The BUTTER represents life and enjoying it (SHRIDEVI) which we get from COW and that REPRESENTS the GIVER - MOTHER EARTH (BHOODEVI) - the relationship when good is like music it gives happiness . It is the intellectuals and the kings that destroy this relationship causing pain to MOTHER EARTH (COW - BHOODEVI). This pain & imbalance Shri Krishna brings forth in the second part - wages the WAR OF MAHABHARATA where- in he punishes those who have created the pain and changes the rules that stink. Mahabharat is all about blood - kings - diplomacy - change while the first part as a cowherd head is about love, protection and growth. Draupdi in a way symbolises MOTHER EARTH - she is abused by the KAURAVAS & deceived by the PANDAWAS. Lovely epic that has a lot of meaning & no rule made for society can remain the SAME - they have to change when giving unhappiness and followed by one party - misused by the other.

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