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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Eleventh House or the Labhasthana (House of Gains), Chapter IX, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Eighth House

Placement of 11th lord in 8th house gives longevity to the native. Native has to struggle a lot throughout his life to earn wealth and prosperity in life. Native’s spouse dies before his death. Native leads a struggle some and hard working life. Native earns wealth with great difficulty to meet his expenses in life. Though the native may have been born in a rich family, but have to face many financial disturbances and adversities in his life. Native faces many worries, troubles and financial losses in life but may also gain sudden or secret wealth at some stage of his life. Native may get financially cheated by his coworkers, swindlers or frauds. This native spends liberally throughout his life.

Ninth House

Placement of 11th lord in 9th house gives good fortune, wealth and prosperity to the native. Native earns name, fame and reputation in the society. Native may get honored by the government in his life. This native may make a good writer, author, editor or journalist in life. Native gains enormous wealth and prosperity through inheritance and have many properties, houses and lands. Native is of religious mind and spends over charitable deeds in his life. Native may earns wealth and prosperity through multiple sources and lead a comfortable and luxurious life.

Tenth House

Placement of 11th lord in 10th house is auspicious and good for the native. Native gains wealth and prosperity in life but through hard work and enormous struggle in life. This native may have tendency to renounce the world and lead a spiritual life. Native is virtuous, religious, wealthy, prosperous and famous in life. Native may gain name, fame, honour and recognition from the government. Native earns wealth and prosperity from trading and business. Native gains with the help of his friends and elder brother in his life. Native remains happy in his domestic life and leads a comfortable and luxurious life.

Eleventh House

Placement of 11th lord in 11th house gives good fortune, wealth and prosperity to the native in life. Native leads a happy and successful life in terms of wealth and prosperity. Native enjoys all comforts and luxuries of worldly living. Native leads a happy married life with wife and children. Native have many good and faithful friends in his life. This native’s elder brother leads a prosperous life and is blessed with longevity. Native gains through his friends, elder brothers and his children in his life. Native attains learning and reputation in the society. Native leads a comfortable, successful, happy, prosperous and luxurious life.

Twelfth House

Placement of 11th lord in 12th house gives expenditure and spending of wealth to the native. Native spends his money in good cause, for helping others or on charitable purposes in his life. Native spends almost all his earnings in his life. Native may face difficulty in birth of progeny. Native faces financial adversities and los of wealth in his life. Native becomes prone to excessive financial expenditures in his life. This planetary position suggests bad health to his elder brother, who may die early in his life.

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