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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Tenth House or the Karmasthana, Chapter VIII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Tenth House Lord Placed in Different Houses

First House

Placement of 10th lord in 1st house helps the native to rise up in career slowly with sheer preservance. This placement of 10th lord helps in self employment, entrepreneurship and to the owners of industries and factories. It helps in earning wealth and prosperity through independent career or profession. Native leads a happy, prosperous and successful life with all comforts of physical world.

Second House

Placement of 10th lord in 2nd house helps the native in accumulating enormous wealth, prosperity and financial freedom by hard work and success in his career and profession or from business. Native may own a family business or profession and succeed in it. This placement of 10th lord helps in shares trading, brokership, banking, musician, singer, lawyer, lecturer, hawkers, opticians, insurance agents, restaurants, food joints, agriculture etc.

Third House

Placement of 10th lord in 3rd house gives success in travel and tourism, social work, telecommunication, writing, poetry, journalism, salesmanship, postal department, courier service, transport, railways etc. Native may gain support from his brothers and friends as well as through his social contacts in his life.

Fourth House

Placement of 10th lord in 4th house gives good luck, fortune and prosperity to the native. Native enjoys the comfort of conveyance and vehicles in life. This placement of 10th lord blesses the native with lands, farms, property, house, buildings, estates etc in life. Native earns name, fame, honour and respect from the government and society. Native gains through agriculture, mining, underground resources, water, tube wells etc. This native serves the society, government and nation through social work or by political career.

Fifth House

Placement of 10th lord in 5th house is good for trade and commerce. This native may earn through trading in commodities, stock markets, speculation, educational institutions, coachings, tele-communication, travel transport, sports, art, music, entertainment, media, journalism, writing etc. Native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life.

Sixth House

Placement of 10th lord in 6th house is considered inauspicious and the native fails to gain desired result of his hard work. Such natives may earn through hospitals, health care, medicine, pharmacy, para medical institutions, prisons, judiciary, police, armed forces etc. Native may suffer several setbacks in his profession and career due to diseases, enemies, rivalries or inquiries etc. in life. This native may gain help and support from his maternal uncle or the maternal side of his family.

Seventh House

Placement of 10th lord in 7th house gives native a rise in fortune after marriage. Native gains wealth and prosperity with marriage or from spouse. Native may join in the business of his father-in-law or gain professional or business support from him. His wife will also assist in his business or earn to support the family. Native earns with the help of assistance from his wife, female workers or female clients. Native may have to travel to far off places in respect to his business or profession.

Eighth House

Placement of 10th lord in 8th house gives many worries, failures and obstacles in his career and business. Native may suffer frequent break in his job or career or may change his business many a times in the life. Native may loose his wealth and prosperity in business or may even loose his inherited or paternal wealth invested in business. Native may have criminal propensities and may commit crimes or offences. Native may renounce the world and become spiritual person or he may get into occultism. Native may earn through insurance or inheritance in life. The life of the native becomes full of misfortune and faces failures many a times in his life.


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