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Planets always keep moving from one sign to the other in the zodiac. This movement of planets, in the zodiac, from one sign to other sign is called Transit or the Gochara in Vedic Astrology. Planets during their transit through the various signs of zodiac produce certain effects or the influence on the human beings.

All the heavenly bodies that we call planets in astrology are constantly revolving in the heaven. This constant motion of planets in the heaven is called transit. All the planets exert different influences on the earth and human beings on transit from different angular position in the zodiac. This influence of different planets transiting through the different signs of zodiac is studied to decipher the timing of good or bad results delivered by the planets on the human beings.

The good or bad results as deciphered by the horoscope usually fructify during the Mahadasa and Antardasha of the concerned planets. But it is observed that the results are not experienced strictly in accordance with the predictions. This discrepancy in the actual result happens because of the simultaneous good or bad influences which the transiting planets exert on the human life.

Hence the result of the transits gets mixed up with the result of Mahadashas and Antardashas, and vice versa. Therefore while deciding the timing for any result deciphered by the horoscope one must consider both the influence of the planetary periods as well as the transits of the planets together. The consideration of the transit results, along with the Mahadasha and Antardashas, is extremely important in precise timing of any event and to attain precision in prediction.

The extent to which a transit of planet can give its result would be according to the strength or the weakness of the planet, its position during transit i.e. whether it is exalted, vargottama, in friendly sign, in enemy’s camp or in a neutral sign.

Transits can be good ones as well as bad ones. A good transit makes everything smooth, boost up the human sentiments and facilitates success to the individuals in life under its influence. While a bad transit can turn everything negative & bad, by turning the human sentiments down or negative. A bad transit may lead to psychological depression and make people disheartened under its influence.

Some important principles to be followed while the application of transits results.

1. A planet while transiting a favorable, sign, in exaltation, own or friendly sign will produce very good, good or ordinary result; while in inimical or depression sign it will produce no good results at all.

2. If the transiting planet be benefic to a sign will produce good results while if it is malefic to a sign will produce the intensity of evils.

3. During a transit if the planet receives benefic aspects or in association with the friendly planets then the good results will be intensified and bad results will get minimized.

4. During a transit if the planet receives malefic aspects or in association with the enemy planets then the bad results will be intensified and good results will get minimized.

5. A benefic planet while transiting a sign, if retrogrades will intensify the positive results.

6. A malefic planet while transiting a sign, if retrogrades will intensify the negative results.

7. A benefic planet while transiting a sign, during it own Dasha, intensifies the positive results.

8. A malefic planet while transiting a sign, during it own Dasha, intensifies the negative results.

9. Planets transiting through favorable signs, while in eclipse, become incapable of producing favorable results.

10. Planets transiting through unfavorable signs, while in eclipse, intensify the evils and the negative results.


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