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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Second House or the Dhanasthana (House of Wealth), Chapter V, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of Second House Lord Placed in Different Houses

First House

Placement of 2nd lord in 1st house gives wealth and prosperity to the native through hard work and self efforts in life. Native is blessed with good fortune but may have to struggle in the early part of his life. Native makes his fortune himself by his own efforts. Native makes his fortune himself by his own efforts. Native is prudent, calculative, lacks politeness, inimical to family and looses at the fag end.

Second House

Placement of 2nd lord in 2nd house gives good fortune and happiness to the native. Native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. Native gains through business or trading or through financial transactions or financial investments. Native is intelligent, clever, proud, eloquent, love to eat and live happily.

Third House

Placement of 2nd lord in 3rd house gives wide social contacts to the native and native earns through them in his life. Native may earn through brothers, relative, friends or members of his community. Native may become a good author or journalist in his life. Native may also deal in transport or communication. Native is sharp witted, brave, intelligent, miser, addicted to luxuries, aesthetical and immoral. Native earns wealth and prosperity through brothers, relatives and his neighbors. Native becomes wealthy, prosperous and fortunate in life after his marriage. Native makes many short and long journeys in his life.

Fourth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 4th house gives prosperity and vehicles to the native. Native may also possess lands or farms, buildings, estates, mines and gain through agriculture in his life. Native inherits ancestral property in his life. This native leads a happy and luxurious life. Native is learned, rich, materialistic, prosperous, wealthy and remain attached to his mother. Native inherits property, wealth and prosperity through his mother.

Fifth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 5th house gives good luck and fortune to the native. Native may earn through speculative means like lotteries, trading in the share and stock markets. Native may also earn through educational institutions or by coaching others. Native is wise, prudent, money minded, miser and does not spend even on his own family. Native lacks in mental peace and have no manners and etiquette. Native gets favour or recognition from the government. Native gains from inheritance of wealth, prosperity and ancestral property.

Sixth House

Placement of 2nd lord in 6th house gives the native earnings through hard work. Native may also earn through maternal uncle. This native may suffer loss through litigation or because of the enemies in his life. Native may also spend as a result of his bad health on treatment or hospitalization etc. Native may earn wealth and prosperity in life through dubious means. Native may also lose wealth through theft, servants or because of some forgery.


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