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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Eleventh House or the Labhasthana (House of Gains), Chapter IX, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Jupiter in 11th house gives wealth, prosperity and longevity to the native. Native gets a strong and handsome personality. This placement of Jupiter gives good morals and the quality of honesty to the native. Native remains successful in terms of wealth and prosperity in his life. Native can earn through business and trade, as wells as through speculative means like trading in stocks and share markets. Native gets honored by the government. Native enjoys good fortune, influential and large friend circle and high social contacts. This native is blessed with divine grace and success in life.


Venus in 11th house makes the native fond of pleasures and luxuries in life. Native owns conveyance in life. Native earns enormous wealth and prosperity in life and attains financial stability in life. Native also loves to spend for charitable purposes and to help others in need. Native may also deal in gems and jewellery. Native earns popularity and reputation in the society. Native may gain from art and culture, music, drama, songs, dance or the native may earn name, fame and popularity in these fields. Native enjoys popularity and wide social contact in his life.


Placement of Saturn in 11th house of the horoscope gives longevity and happiness to the native. Native is short tempered and angry by nature but hard working and proficient in his work. Native gets success in his business or profession. This placement of Saturn gives the native knowledge, power and success to the native. Native earns wealth and prosperity in life through his hard work. It also gives good health and strong personality to the native. Native may run business or institutions and employ many people under his subordination. Native may also suffer from false accusation.


Rahu in 11th house gives few children or difficulty in child birth or abortions. Native gains from foreigners or from exports. Native may also resort to undesirable or questionable means to earn wealth in life. This placement of Rahu gives longevity to the native. Native also faces obstacles in gaining education in early part of his life. Native gains and earns wealth and prosperity in his life through multiple means. Native may travel to foreign places and enjoy material success in his life. Native may receive sudden and unexpected gain of wealth and prosperity in life.


Ketu in 11th house helps the native to earn wealth through unfair and questionable means. Native also faces obstacles in gaining education in early part of his life. This placement of Ketu gives longevity to the native. This native may have suicidal tendency or tendency to harm himself in his life. Native remains fortunate in his ventures, wealthy and prosperous in life and may earn from multiple sources. Native enjoys good fortune, material gains and success in life. Native is also good in learning, scholarly and educated person.


Uranus in 11th house brings troubles through friends, relatives and elder brothers. It also gives troubles through children. Native may face loss from partnership. Native faces obstacles and difficulties in earnings, wealth and prosperity. Native may loose through speculation or trading in stock and share markets.


Neptune in 11th house gives income from strange and unusual sources to the native.


Pluto in 11th house is good for wealth and prosperity in life. Native earns as a result of his good fortune. Native may gain by speculation or trading in stock and share markets.

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