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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing the Tenth House or the Karmasthana, Chapter VIII, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Mars in 10th house brings recognisation and honour from government. Native may attain high administrative position or may become top bureaucrat or top police or military official or may reach to a ministrial level by the placement of Mars in 10th house of his horoscope. It gives name, fame, wealth, prosperity, reputation, power and recognisation to the native. This native becomes aggressive and attains comforts of vehicles and conveyances in life. This placement of Mars is bad for children and it gives little or no children to the native. It is also bad for the health of mother of the native.

Placement of Mars in 10th house indicates success in fields related to police, military, engineering, mechanic, mathematics, science, geology, mountaineering, mechanic, mathematics, science, geology, mountaineering, sports, medicine, surgery, chemicals, pharmacy, fire brigade, security system, crude, petroleum, natural gas, cooking oil and gas, dentistry, armaments, weapons, mills, scraps, metals, gold, copper, bronze, smith, real estate, bakery, jail, circus, jugglery, travelling, adventure, theft, crime, smuggling, iron, building material, tobacco, cigarette, cigar, detergent, plastic goods, machineries, railways, power generation and distribution, industries, explosives, tea, coffee, detergents, soaps, furnitures, wood works, blood banks and surgical materials etc.


Mercury in 10th house makes the native learned, popular and respectful in his life. They are considered fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in their life. They make landlords and possess many properties and conveyance in their life span. Such natives are obedient to their parents and remain emotionally attached to them. They can make good poets, astrologers, mathematicians, writers, authors or journalists in their life. This native leads a successful life by the worldly point of view.

Placement of Mercury in 10th house indicates success in fields related to software engineering, computer programming, tele-communication, I.T., mathematics, electronics, learning, coaching, educational institutes, accounting, astronomy, astrology, elecouency, trading, stock broking, financial management, insurance, banking, investment banking, fund management, economists, printing, publishing, writing, journalism, editing, media, lawyer, book seller, architecture, travels, transport, postal department, courier, automobiles, textile, cotton, silver, emerald, sugar, tungsten, grains, agriculture, teaching, finance, gambling, speculation, clerical jobs, libraries, salesmanship etc.


Jupiter in 10th house gives name, fame and popularity to the native in the society. Native attains a high position in his life and reaches to the top most level or in administrative services. This placement of Jupiter blesses the native with good fortune, wealth and prosperity in life. Native spends a happy and successful life in terms of financial matters and in terms of worldly comforts in life. Native makes good political leaders, religious leaders, judges, astrologers, educationalists, writers, authors and journalists in life. Native remains truthful and obedient to the parents and gurus. This Jupiter may lead the native to the position of judge, chief minister, prime minister, governor or president.

Placement of Jupiter in 10th house indicates success in fields related to bureaucracy, diplomacy, leadership, politics, religion, philosophy, finance, banking, insurance, investment, gold, copper, bronze, food grains, eatable oils, mustard oil, sunflower oil, trade, industries, exports, gambling, speculation, charity, education, educational institutions, publication houses, temples, religious organizations, political parties, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, food joints, astrologers, priests, religious leaders, ministers, governors, turmeric, tin, rubber, jute, tobacco, cigars, gold, jewellery, agriculture, judiciary etc.


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