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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The extent of good or bad results indicated by the planets depends on the strength of the concerned planets. A planet has two types of strength as explained below in the following paragraphs.

1) Residential Strength:

The Residential Strength of the planet depends upon the degree wise position of the planet in a house. Planets lying within first three and the last three degrees of any house fail to deliver distinct results pertaining to that house. While the planets closer to the mid-point of the house strongly delivers the results pertaining to that house.

2) Inherent Strength:

Shadbal of the planets constitutes it inherent strength. Higher the Shadbal of any planet, stronger the planet in delivering its result.

While analyzing the financial prospects from the horoscope of a native we need to analyse the strength and placement of Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, in particular, because these are the five major planets which play a very important role regarding the financial affairs in the life of any individual.


Moon is considered an important planet in vedic astrology because it represents the mind of any individual. Its strength represents the strength of mind, level of confidence and will power. While weaker Moon in the birth chart stands for weakness of mind, confidence and will power, and the native easily looses his heart and accepts defeat in the struggle of life. Strong will power, high level of confidence and greater strength of mind results into strong determination for success in life, which is necessary to stand successful in life as well as any thing; hence achievement of wealth and prosperity depends on the level of success an individual earns in his achievements in the life.

Thus Moon plays a vey crucial role in any horoscope in determination of success in the ventures of life as well as for achievement of wealth and prosperity through hard work and struggle in life. Person with weak Moon may get easily disheartened, frustrated with minor failures and easily enter into the state of mental depression. Weak Moon leads negative thinking into the mind and delays or blocks the initiative action for any successful ventures, which dampens the levels of success in the ventures. Therefore the strength of Moon in any horoscope has to be ascertained while judging for financial prospects from any horoscope.

Moon determines our attitude towards the life, a positive attitude leads us towards the success and happiness, while a negative attitude may takes us to face failures and meet gloominess in our life. A strong and well placed Mon within any horoscope is considered a great asset for the native as it gives high level of confidence, will power and strong determination for success to the native.

Moon being the ruler of mind confers the power of reasoning to the native. It allows the native to think for the common people and fellow beings and makes the native generous and sympathetic by nature. When the Moon gets afflicted in the horoscope, it makes the native mean and corrupt in his instincts.

Moon is a fragile planet and it gets strength if it has placed in conjunction with it in the same sign or if the planets occupy the adjacent houses to the house where Moon is placed in a horoscope.

It is has been evident that those planets that occupy the 2nd house from the Moon helps one to accumulate wealth and prosperity in the life. Whereas the planets which occupy the 12th house from the Moon help in giving luxury, comforts and enjoyment to the native but does not help in the accumulation of wealth or prosperity.


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