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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: How to Decipher the Financial Prospects, Chapter II, Part - 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Example 3: Ms. Soniya Gandhi

Birth Date: 09.12.1946

Birth Time: 21:30:00

Birth Place: Turin, Italy

Balance of Dasha: Rahu 13-8-21

Remarks: She is Congress chairperson and widow of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Jupiter is in conjunction with the fourth house lord Venus, placed together in fourth house, Kendra house, of the horoscope chart.

25. If Venus occupies 4th house in conjunction with 4th lord then the native is likely to possess any ordinary vehicle in his life.

26. The native is blessed with numerous vehicles in his life, if in a horoscope Venus happens to be the 4th lord and occupies the 9th, 10th or 11th house.

Example 1: Vishnuhari Dalmia

Birth Date: 07.01.1928

Birth Time: 09:45:00

Birth Place: Jhunkhunun, Rajasthan.

Balance of Dasha: Jup 6-9-4

Remarks: Industrialist. Chairman of Dalmia group. Venus being lord of fourth house is placed in tenth house.

Example 2: Ms. Marilyn Monoroe

Birth Date: 01.06.1926

Birth Time: 09:30:00

Balance of Dasha: Mars 5-5-18

Remarks: Popular US actress. Venus being lord of fourth house is placed in tenth house.

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