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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 17

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A strongly placed and unblemished Saturn in a horoscope makes the native hard working, skillful and efficient in work. Such native is very laborious and remain ready to serve others. Saturn helps the native to earn through hard work and strong labour in life.

Saturn is a significator career or service in a horoscope. Therefore a strong and unblemished Saturn helps the native to make progress in his career or service. Whereas a weak or ill placed Saturn or malefically aspected Saturn may cause obstacles and hindrances in progress of job or career. It may cause delay in promotion and obstruct the smooth advancement of career.

Saturn acts as the bridge between the high and the low, but it generally cause affliction to the other planets to bring adverse and negative results in life.

Following are the results of Saturn placed in various signs of zodiac:


Saturn in Aries gives failures and unhappiness to the native. It makes the native wanderer and instable in life. Native becomes depressed and quarrelsome in nature. This placement of Saturn in a horoscope gives misfortune to the native.


Saturn in Taurus gives success and achievements to the native. But the native loves loneliness and isolation. It also makes the native restless and the native worries over minor issues in life.


Saturn in Gemini makes the native miserable and narrow minded. It gives misfortune to the native in financial matters.


Saturn in Cancer makes the native selfish and narrow minded. This native may be deprived of mothers association. This native may remain unfortunate in terms of wealth and property too.


Saturn in Leo makes the native a good writer or author or journalist. Native also behaves in an obstinate manner. This placement of Saturn in a horoscope gives misfortune to the native.


Placement of Saturn in Virgo gives quarrelsome and rude nature to the native. Native remains poor in life and fails to accumulate wealth and prosperity in the life. Native remains unfortunate I terms of financial matters. This native also suffers from bad health and weak constitution.


Saturn in Libra give name, fame and popularity to the native. Native may become leader of his or her community. Native is learned and earns respect in the society. Native may become a good social or political leader in his life. Placement of Saturn in Libra helps in earning wealth and prosperity in life but the native also spends his money for charitable purposes and in helping others. Native becomes strong, powerful and influential in life.


Saturn in Scorpio gives unhappiness and poor health to the native. Native remains unfortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in life. Native becomes rude, angry and violent in his action. Native suffers danger from accident, fire, poison, arms and weapons in his life. Native has to spend his money over his bad health or on hospitalization.


Placement of Saturn in Sagittarius helps the native to earn name, fame, wealth and prosperity in life. This native is peace-loving in nature but the married life may remain unhappy. But I general this native is blessed with good fortune and happiness in life.


Saturn in Capricorn makes the native learned, intelligent and hard working. Native leads a happy domestic life. It gives philosophical temperament to the native. Native loves mountaineering and other outdoor sports.


Placement of Saturn in Aquarius sign in a horoscope makes the native clever, cunning and diplomatic in nature. It also makes the native learned, intellectual and skillful. Native suffers from more than one enemies or rivals in life.


Saturn in Pisces gives name, fame, wealth, prosperity and happiness to the native. Native is of polite and helpful nature. It also gives good fortune to the native in life.


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