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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: How to Decipher the Financial Prospects, Chapter II, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The 10th house also needs to be examined to decipher native’s professional and financial opportunities, as it rules livelihood. If the 10th house and its lord and the significators (Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury) are strong, then the native occupy a respectable occupation which helps in improving his financial status.

The Ascendant, Sun and Moon forms a tripod around which the fortune of a native revolves. The Ascendant represents the body of the native, Moon rules over the mind and the Sun governs the soul. Thus they altogether represents the native as a whole, and it is logical to say that these three along with their sign lords together shape all the spheres of a native’s life. These three are considered strong and auspicious if they happen to be Vargottama or be aspected by their own lords or by the benefic planets or by the Yogakaraka planets in the horoscope. This indicates the divine grace and bestows all happiness and well being in the life of the native.

A well dignified and a well aspected Ascendant lord ensures general well being and destroys evils in the horoscope. Mutual exchange of houses between the Ascendant lord and the lord of 2nd 9th or 11th house is almost a guarantee for good fortune, success, wealth and financial prosperity in life.

Rich and wealthy people are born with Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in mutual kendras to each other, at least any three of them happen to be in mutual Kendra to each other and that becomes sufficient to ensure wealth, prosperity and riches in life.

The planetary influences on the Indu Lagna determine the financial position of the native. The rise in social and economic status of a native occurs when there are sufficient simultaneous influx of fortune and wealth due to fructification of Raj Yogas and the Dhana Yogas.

Some important planetary combinations, for determining wealth & prosperity in a horoscope, are given below:

1. Lord of 10th house occupying 5th house will prove a great asset for a native bestowing abundant wealth which will never leave him.

Example 1: Rahul Gandhi

Birth Date: 19.06.1970

Birth Time: 05:50:00

Birth Place: Delhi

Balance of Dasha: Merc 3-9-12

Remarks: Son of Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi & Ms. Soniya Gandhi. Two time Lok Shabha Member, Present Gen. Secy. Of Congress Party & would be Prime Minister of India. Tenth lord Jupiter is placed in 5th House.


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