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Venus Dasa and Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1
In the Sub-Period of Venus in his own Period
During the sub-period of Venus and his own Mahadasa the native will be endowed with clothing, ornaments, vehicle, perfumes and the like and the pleasures of the couch (sofa) in plenty besides bodily splendour and wealth granted by the ruler.
When Venus is in a Angles, Trine, or in 11th house and, when Venus is endowed with strength.
i) Effects, like gain of wealth, cattle etc. through Brahmins, celebrations in connection with the birth of a son, well-being, recognition from the sovereign, acquisition of a kingdom, will be derived.
When Venus is in his exaltation, in his own Rasi, or, When Venus is in his exalted, or own Navamsa.
ii) Construction of a new house, availability of sweet preparations, happiness to wife and children, companionship with a friend, giving grains etc. in charity, beneficence of the sovereign, gain of clothes, conveyances and ornaments, success in business, increase in the number of cattle, gain of garments by performing journeys in the western direction etc. will be the results.
When Venus is associated with, or receives a Aspect from a benefic and is in a friendly Navamsa, in 3rd house, 6th house, or 11th house.
iii) There will be acquisition of a kingdom, enthusiasm, beneficence of the sovereign, well being in the family, increase in the number of wives, children and wealth etc.
When Venus is associated with, or receives a Aspect from a malefic in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house.
iv) Danger from thieves etc., antagonistic relations with government officials, destruction of friends and kinsmen, distress to wife and children may be expected.
When Venus is lord of 2nd houses, or 7th houses Lord.
v) There will be fear of death.
Remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are Durga Path and giving a cow in charity.
In the Sub-Period of Sun in the Period of Venus
During the sub-period of the Sun is in Mahadasa of Venus, the native is liable to develop eye infections, ailments of the stomach and disfiguration of the checks; there is possibility of earning the wrath of the ruler and trouble created by the preceptor, elders, members of the family and other relations.
When Sun is in any Rasi, other than his exaltation or own sign.
i) There will be a period of agony, wrath of the officials, quarrels with the coparceners etc.
When Sun is in his exaltation, in his own Rasi, in a Angles, Trine, in 2nd house, or 11th house, or in Angles, Trine, in the 2nd, or 11th from the Lord of he Period.
ii) Effects, like acquisition of a kingdom and wealth, happiness from wife and children, happiness from employer, meeting with friends, happiness from parents, marriage, name and fame, betterment of fortune, birth of a son etc., will be experienced.
When Sun is in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house, or, When Sun is in his debilitation, or in an enemy Rasi.
iii) Distress, agony, distress to members of the family, harsh language, distress to father, loss of kinsmen, wrath of the king, danger at home, many diseases, destruction of agricultural production etc. will be the results.
When Sun is lord of 2nd houses, or 7th houses.
iv) There will be evil influence of the Planets as.

Worship of Sun is the remedial measure to obtain relief from the above evil effects.

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