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Sub-Periods in Period of Jupiter

Dr. Shanker Adawal
During the sub periods of malefic planets in the main period of Jupiter there is bodily trouble, sorrow, anger of the government, loss of wealth.
Loss of agriculture, Cattle, lands, opposition from relatives, mental anxiety, impairment of limb, all these in the beginning of period, but there is some good at the end.
During the sub periods of benefic planets in the main period of Jupiter-Jupiter located in any of the cardinal Houses, the native gets ruling powers, enthusiastic mind, clothes, conveyance, & ornaments.
Also the native engages in charity, religious act of offering oblations, Japa, He has patience, favour of government, recognition, doing good to others, acts of spiritual merit, nice clothes & gold.
During the sub period of benefic planets in the main period of Jupiter located in the 5th or 9th house, the native gets much comfort. He engages himself in the creation of guest houses, temples & places of worship of God.
He also has better luck in career, great fame, and wife, son & wealth, wealth through foreign travels, Fame, education, comforts.
During the sub periods of malefic planets, in main period of Jupiter in 5th & 9th house, however, he gets anger of wife, son, government and meets with the death of his relatives.
He also gets his power of intellect spoiled, falls from the position held, and gets hurdles in his work. He also gets trouble from thieves, & fire & trouble to wife.
He also falls from the standards of his family conduct. He casts an evil eye on the wives of others.
During the sub periods of malefic planets in the main ruling period of Jupiter in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native is unhappy due to the ill-treatment by his family members. He loses ruling powers, and wealth.
He also causes death of relatives through self, gets protection of foreign government, and gets involved in litigation regarding land, mental sorrow and difficulty through diseases.
During the sub-period of benefic planets in the main period of Jupiter located in the 8th house, there is much comfort. The native becomes the ruler of the country or the city & gets much fame.
Also he gets good health & gets elephants, Houses, conveyances & clothes, nice food, high spirits, milk, curd, ghee & sugar.
During the sub-period of the benefic planets in the main Period of Jupiter placed in the 3rd or the 11th house, the native gets clothes, conveyance & ornaments.
The native also gets ruby, coral, gold pearls, clothes etc. rule over the country, Minister-ship.
But during the sub-periods of malefic in the main period of Jupiter in 3rd or 11th house the native becomes characterless & acts contrary to the good traditions of his family.
He also has to live in a foreign land. These results are for the first half of the sub-period. In the latter half, he gets good comfort, conveyance & food.
During the sub periods of the benefic planets in the main ruling period of Jupiter located in the 9th house, the native gains wealth, education, victory, comforts, wife, sons, & favour from government.
Also he engages himself in acts of service to humanity, gets much wealth & popularity. He enjoys nourishing food and has plenty of religious acts & wealth & gets comfort from wife.
During the sub-period of malefic planets, when Jupiter is in 9th house however the gets much sorrow. His wealth is taken away by government.
Also there is hatred with relatives, mental disturbance, and servility of speech, eating of bad food, bad deeds, and low & mean acts as servant.
Benefic sub-periods in Jupiter Dasa in 2nd house-happiness, wealth, education, success, wife, children and enjoyment from officials, extended, sympathy, great wealth, love, luxurious food, bodily health, sacrifices, charities and philanthropy.

Malefic sub-periods in the above (in Jupiter Dasa in 2nd house) great sorrow, fines and penalties from rulers, hatred of relations, mental trouble, harsh words, dirty food, and acts, mean dependency.

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