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Rahu Dasa and Sub-Period Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3
The Sub-Period of Ketu in the Period of Rahu
During the Sub-period of Ketu in the Mahadasa of Rahu the native may apprehend fever, trouble from fire, weapon and enemies, head-ache, shivering in the body, injury to friends and elders, suffering caused by poison and wounds and quarrel with friends.
During the Sub-Period of Ketu in the Period of Rahu
i) There will be journeys to foreign countries, danger from the sovereignty, rheumatic fever etc. and loss of cattle.
When Ketu is with lord of 8th house.
ii) There will be distress to the body and mental tension.
When Ketu is associated with, or receives a Aspect from benefic.
iii) Enjoyment, gain of wealth, recognition by the authority, acquisition of gold etc. will be the results.
When Ketu is in a Angles, or in a Trine.
iv) There will definitely be increase in the number of Animals or property.
When Ketu is related to the Lord of Ascendant.
v) There will be Ishta Siddhi, and happiness.
When Ketu is combined with the Lord of Ascendant.
vi) There will definitely be gain of wealth.
When Ketu is without strength in 8th house, or 12th house.
vii) Effects, like danger from thieves and snakes, distress from wounds, separation from parents, antagonistic relations with kinsmen, mental agony etc. will be derived.
When Ketu is 2nd houses, or 7th houses Lord.
viii) There will be distress to the body.
The remedial measure to obtain relief from the above evil effects is giving a boat in charity.
In the Sub-Period of Venus in the Period of Rahu
During the sub-period of Venus is the Mahadasa of Rahu, the native will get a wife, comforts of the bed, horses, elephants, conveyances, lands and suffering due to phlegmatic and windy disorders and will quarrel with relations.
When Venus is with strength in a Angles, in a Trine, or in 11th house.
i) Effects, like gains of wealth through Brahmins, increase in the number of cattle, celebrations for the birth of a son, well-being, recognition from government, acquisition of a kingdom, attainment of a high position in government, great enjoyment and comforts etc. will be experienced.
When Venus be in his exaltation, in his own Sign, in is exalted, or in his own Navamsa.
ii) Construction of a new house, availability of sweet preparations, happiness from wife and children, association with friends, giving of grains etc. in charity, beneficence of the sovereign, gain of conveyances and clothes, extraordinary profits in business, celebration of Upasayan ceremony of wearing the sacred thread (Janou) etc. will be the auspicious results.
When Venus is in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house, in his debilitation, or in an enemy Sign, or, When Venus is associated with Saturn, Mars, or Rahu.
iii) There will be diseases, quarrels, separation from one’s son, or father, distress to kinsmen, disputes with coparceners, danger of death to oneself, or to ones employer, unhappiness to wife and children, pain in the stomach etc.
When Venus is in a Angles, in a Trine, in the 11th, or in the 10th from the Lord of the Period.
iv) Enjoyments from perfumes, bed, music etc., gain of a desired object, fulfillment of desires will be the results.
When Venus is associated with malefic in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Period.
v) Effects, like danger from the wrath of Brahmins, snakes and the authority, possibility of affliction with diseases, like stoppage of urine, diabetes, pollution of blood, anaemia, availability of only coarse food, nervous disorder, imprisonment, loss of wealth, as a result of penalties, or fines, imposed by government, will be derived.
When Venus is lord of 2nd houses, or 7th houses.
vi) There will be distress to wife and children, danger of premature death to oneself.

Remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are worship of Goddess Durga and Goddess Laxmi.

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