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Rahu Dasa and Sub-Period Part 1

Effects of the Sub-Periods Rahu in the Major Period of Rahu

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1
The chief indications of Rahu Sub-period in Rahu Mahadasa are illness through poison and water, sight of a poisonous serpent, sex with another man’s wife, separation from or loss of one’s near and dear ones, hot exchange of words and mental torture through wicked people.
When Rahu is in Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, or 2nd house and is in 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house, or 11th house, or is 7th house with a Yogkaraka Planet or navamsa in own sign or in his exaltation Rasi.
i) Effects, like acquisition of a kingdom, enthusiasm, cordial relations with the officials, happiness from wife and children and increase in property, will be derived in the Sub-Period of Rahu in the Period of Rahu.
When Rahu is in 8th house, or 12th house, or be associated with malefic.
ii) There will be danger from thieves, distress from wounds, antagonism with government officials, destruction of kinsmen, distress to wife and children.
When Rahu is lord of 2nd houses, or 7th houses Lord, or is in 2nd house, or 7th house.
iii) There will be distress and diseases.
To obtain relief from the above evil effects Rahu should be worshipped (by recitation of his Mantras) and by giving in charity things, connected with, or ruled by Rahu.
During the Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Mahadasa of Rahu
The native will enjoy a spell of happiness, be inclined towards worship of gods and Brahmins, keep himself free from sickness, will have pleasant association with charming women and discussion on sacred lore.
When Jupiter is in his exaltation, in his own Sign, in his own Navamsa, or in his exalted amsa, or, When Jupiter is in a Angles, or in a Trine with reference to Ascendant.
i) Effects, like gain of position, patience, destruction of foes, enjoyment, cordial relations with the officials, regular increase in wealth and property, like the growth of Moon of the bright half of the month (Sukla Paksha), gain of conveyance and cows, audience with the dignitary by performing journey to the West, or South-East, success in the desired ventures, return to ones home land, doing good for Brahmins (learned persons), visit to holy places, gain of a village, devotion to deities and Brahmins, happiness from wife, children and grand children, availability of sweetish preparations daily etc. will be derived.
When Jupiter is in his debilitation Sign, is combust, is in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house, is in an enemy Sign, or is associated with malefic.
ii) Loss of wealth, obstacles in work, defamation, distress to wife and children, heart disease, entrustment of governmental authority etc. will result.
When Jupiter is in a Angles, in a Trine, the 11th, the 2nd, or the 3rd from the Lord of the Period and I endowed with strength.
iii) There will be gains of land, good food, gains of cattle etc., inclinations towards charitable and religious work etc.
When Jupiter is in the 6th, the 8th, or the 12th from the Lord of the Period, or, When Jupiter is associated with malefic.
iii) Loss of wealth and distress to body will result.
When Jupiter is 2nd houses, or 7th houses Lord.
iv) There will be danger of premature death.

The person will get relief from the above evil effects and enjoy good health by the beneficence of the Lord Shiva, when he worships his idol, made of gold.

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