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Pratyantar Dasa – Effects Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1
Results of the Sub-Sub-Periods (Pratyantar Dasa) in the Sub-Period (Antar Dasa) of Planets
Computation of the Sub-Periods:
The Sub-period years (convert the Sub-period into days) of a planet is to be multiplied by the Mahadasa years of each planet separately and the product then be divided by 120 (total of the Major Periods (Mahadasas) of all planets) the resultant will indicate the Sub-Sub-period of each planet. The resultant figure in this will be in days only, which may again be reverted into months and days and its could as well be extended to Hours and Minutes, if so desired.
Sub-Sub-Periods in the Sub-Period of the Sun:
Results of the Sub-Sub-periods of the Sun etc., planets in the Sub-periods of the Sun:
Sub-Sub-period of the Sun, in the Sub-period of the Sun-
i) Effects is Controversies or arguments with people, depletion of Wealth, sufferings of wife, anxiety and headache etc.
Note: When Sun is in strength, evil effects are nil.
Sub-Sub-period of the Moon, in the Sub-period of the Sun-
ii) Effects is Anxiety, quarrels, loss of wealth, mental agony.
Sub-Sub-period of Mars in the Sub-period of the Sun-
iii) Fear from the Govt. Authority, danger of weapons, bondage, series of difficulty, sufferings through enemies and fire etc.
Sub-Sub-period of Rahu in the Sub-period of the Sun-
iv) Phlegmatic diseases, danger from weapon, loss of wealth, great frightfulness, dislodgement from Govt. Authority, mental anguish etc.
Sub-Sub-period of the Jupiter in the Sub-period of the Sun-
v) Victory over the enemies, clothes, increase in gold and ornaments, acquisition of horse driven vehicle, conveyances etc.
Sub-Sub-period of Saturn in the Sub-period of the Sun-
vi) Loss of wealth, trouble to animals, disturbed state of mind, serious disease, inauspicious results in all sphere etc.
Sub-Sub-period of Mercury in the Sub-period of the Sun-
vii) Completion of education, get together with relatives, decent meals, acquisition of wealth, religious attainments and respected by all.
Sub-Sub-period of Ketu in the Sub-period of the Sun-
ix) Danger to life, great losses, fear of the Ruler, quarrel, altercation with the enemies etc.
Sub-Sub-period of Venus in the Sub-period of the Sun-

x) Steady life, little but stable gain, moderate happiness and prosperity etc.

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