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Prana Dasa – Effects Part 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 7
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods in Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
Results of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods of planets in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
i) Sound health, happiness and opulence, inclination towards religion and noble deeds, adherence of equalitarianism etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
ii) Danger of fire and thieves, grave anxiety over poison, distress similar to death etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
iii) Commanding position, wealth, assets (opulence), fame, religious, worship of Lord `Shiva’, pleasure of wife and children.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
iv) Anguish, fever, lunacy, affection amongst brothers (kinsmen) and wife, procuring stolen wealth etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Moon in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
v) Marriage, gain of wealth and property, birth of a daughter, assorted comforts etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
vi) Becoming wicked, ailments of stomach, teeth and eyes, serious attack of piles, apprehension of death etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Rahu in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:
vii) Acquisition of clothes, jewellery, property, grief from kinsmen, enmity with Brahmins, distress on account of down fall etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period Dasa of Mercury:
viii) Increase in pride, wealth, property, education and good qualities, gains in business etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury:

ix) Death through thieves, poverty, resorting to begging, in particular.

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