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Moon Dasa and Sub-Period Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2
Effects of the Sub-Periods of Jupiter in the Major Period of Moon
During the sub-period of Jupiter in the Mahadasa of the Moon, the native will involve himself in making gifts and other generous actions. He will be happy, wear new clothes and ornaments. He will come across friends in administration and be greatly respected by the Govt.
When Jupiter is placed in a Angles, or in a Trine to Ascendant, or, When Jupiter is in his own, or in his exaltation Rasi.
i) Acquisition of a kingdom, auspicious celebrations at home, gins of clothes and ornaments, recognition from the authority beneficence of the Ishta Lord (Ishta Devata), gains of wealth, land, conveyances, success in all ventures by the beneficence of the officials will be the beneficial effects in the Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Period of Moon.
When Jupiter is in 6th house, 8th house, or 12th house, or when Jupiter is combust, in his debilitation Sign, or be associated with malefic.
ii) Destruction of preceptor (and father etc.) and children, loss of position, mental agony, quarrels, destruction of a house, conveyances and agricultural land will be the evil effects.
When Jupiter is in 3rd, or in the 11th from the Lord of the Period.
iii) Gains of cattle, grains, clothes and happiness from brothers, acquisition of property, valour, patience, oblations, celebrations, like marriage etc., gain of a kingdom etc. will be the favourable effects.
When Jupiter is weak and is placed in the 6th, the 8th, or the 12th from Moon.
iv) Effects, like unpalatable food, journeys to places away from the homeland, will be derived.
When Jupiter is 2nd houses, or 7th houses Lord.
v) There will be good effects at the commencement of the Sub-Period ad distress at its end, there will be premature death.
Remedial measures for obtaining relief from the above evil effects are recitation of Shiva Sahastrnama Japa and giving gold in charity.
Effects of the Sub-Periods of Saturn in the Major Period of Moon
During the sub-period of Saturn in the Mahadasa of Moon.
i) Numerous kinds of diseases, sickness amongst friends, children and wife, occurrence of a great calamity or loss of life may be expected to mark in this sub-period.
When Saturn is in a Angles, or in a Trine from Ascendant, or, When Saturn is in his own Sign, in his own Navamsa, in his exaltation Sign, When Saturn receives a Aspect from, or is associated with benefic, or, When Saturn is in 11th house with strength.
ii) Effects, like birth of a son, friendship, gain of wealth and property, profits in business with the help of Menials, increase in agricultural production, gains from son, riches and glory by the beneficence of the government officials, will be experienced in the Sub-Period of Saturn in the Period of Moon.
When Saturn is in 6th house, 8th house, 12th house, or 2nd house, or, When Saturn is in his debilitation Sign.
iii) Effects, like visits to holy places, bathing in holy rivers etc., the creation of troubles by many people and distress from enemies, will be derived in the Sub-Period of Saturn.
When Saturn is in a Angles, or in a Trine from the Lord of that Period, or is endowed with strength.
iv) Effects, like enjoyments and gains of wealth some times, while opposition, or quarrels with wife and children at other times, will be realized.
When Saturn is in 2nd house, 7th house, or 8th house.
v) There will be physical distress.

The remedial measures to be adopted for obtaining relief from the evil effects are Mahamrutyunjaya Japan, giving in charity a black cow, or female buffalo.

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