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Mercury Dasa and Sub-Period Part 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

In the Sub-Period of Rahu in the Period of Mercury

Rahu Sub-period in Mercury Mahadasa indicates loss of honour or reverting from one’s position, tendency to harm own self or loss of wealth, danger from fire, poison or through water, headache, eye sores or trouble in the stomach.

When Rahu is in a Angles, or Trine, or, When Rahu is in Aries, Aquarius, Virgo, or Taurus.

i) Effects, like reverence from the sovereign, good reputation, gain of wealth, visits to sacred shrines, performance of religious sacrifices and oblations, recognition, gain of clothes etc., are derived.

ii) There will be some evil effects at the commencement of the Sub-Period, but all will be well later.

When Rahu is in 3rd house, 8th house, 10th house, or 11th house.

iii) There will be an opportunity to have conversation, or a meeting with the dignitary.

When Rahu be associated with a benefic, in the above position.

iv) There will be a visit to a new dignitary.

When Rahu is associated with a malefic, or malefic in the 8th, or 12th house from the Lord of the Period.

v) Pressure of hard work as a government functionary, loss of position, fears, imprisonment, diseases, agony to self and kinsmen, heart disease, loss of reputation and wealth, will be the results.

When Rahu is in 2nd house, or in 6th house.

vi) The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are recitation of Mantras of Goddess Durga and Goddess Laxmi in the prescribed manner and giving a tawny-coloured cow, or female buffalo in charity.

In the Sub-Period of Saturn in the Period of Mercury

The sub-period of Saturn in the Mahadasa of Mercury will set forth for the native a period of great loss of wealth and moral scruples and loss of righteousness, failure in total business life, ailments due to disorders of phlegm and wind.

When Saturn is in his exaltation, his in his own Sign, or in a Angles, or Trine, or in 11th house.

i) Effects, like well-being in the family, acquisition of a kingdom, enthusiasm, increase in cattle wealth, gain of a position, visits to sacred shrines etc., will be derived.

When Saturn is in the 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Period-

ii) Danger from enemies, distress to wife and children, loss of thinking power, loss of kinsmen, loss in ventures, mental agony, journeys to foreign lands and bad dreams will be the results.

When Saturn is lord of 2nd houses, or 7th houses.

iii) There will be fear of premature death.

The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects and to regain sound health are performance of Mahamrutyunjaya Japa and giving a black cow and female buffalo in charity.

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