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Ketu Dasa and Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In the Sub-Period of Ketu in his own Period

In the Ketu Sub-period in his own Mahadasa, Quarrelling with enemies, misunderstanding with friends, hearing of bad words or scolding, burning sensation or fever in the limbs, trespassing (in other’s houses) and loss of wealth are what the native should be prepared.

When Ketu is in a Angles, or Trine, or, When Ketu is related to 9th house, 10th house, or 4th house Lord.

i) Effects, like happiness from wife and children, recognition from the sovereign, but mental agony, gain of land, village etc. will be derived.

When Ketu is in his debilitation Rasi and, When Ketu is in 8th house, or 12th house along with a combust Planets.

ii) Heart disease, defamation, destruction of wealth and cattle, distress to wife and children, instability of mind etc. will be the results.

When Ketu is related to 2nd houses, or 7th houses Lord, or, When Ketu is in 2nd house, or 7th house.

iii) There will be danger from diseases, great distress and separation from kinsmen.

The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are performance of Durga Saptashati Japa and Mahamrutyunjaya Japa.

In the Sub-Period of Venus in the Period of Ketu

During the sub-period of Venus in Ketu Mahadasa the native has to face the displeasure of a Brahmin of the lore, misunderstanding with his own wife and even with relations, Birth of a daughter, humiliation and annoyance from others.

When Venus is in his exaltation, in his own Rasi, or, When Venus is associated with 10th house Lord in a Angles, or Trine.

i) Effects, like beneficence from the higher ups, good fortune, gain of clothes etc., recovery of lost kingdom, comforts of conveyances etc., visits to sacred shrines and gain of lands and villages by the beneficence of the sovereign, will be derived.

When in such position he is associated with 9th house Lord also.

ii) There will be dawn of fortune.

When Venus is in a Angles, Trine, or in the 3rd, or 11th from the Lord of the Period.

iii) Sound health, well-being in the family and gains of good food and conveyances etc. will be the results.

When Venus is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Period.

iv) There will be quarrels without any cause, loss of wealth, distress to cattle.

When Venus is in his debilitation Rasi, or, When Venus is associated with a debilitated Planets, or, When Venus is in 6th house, or 8th house.

v) There will be quarrels with kinsmen, headaches, eye troubles, heart disease, defamation, loss of wealth and distress to cattle and wife.

When Venus is lord of 2nd houses, or 7th houses.

vi) Physical distress and mental agony will be caused.

The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are performance of Durga Path and giving a tawny-coloured cow, or female buffalo in charity.

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