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The Main Period of the Sun and its Sub-Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If the Sun be in Libra at Birth

The reverse of the Virgo Sun is experienced during the Sun Period of those people who had their Sun in Libra at birth. It is a period of loss:- loss of position, loss of wealth, and this loss is experienced through the deceit, any envy of so-called friends. Friends, instead of being helpful and beneficial during this period, will undermine and try to destroy his image. There is also danger from some injury or accident, particularly from burns.

If the Sun be in Scorpio at Birth

Not a good period. There will be separation from the parents to whom the individual is greatly attached. He will grieve on account of this, because the separation will be permanent and may be caused by death. Also, he must be extremely careful of infection during this period, particularly from that which comes from wounds inflicted by sharp instruments. There is more danger from poisoning and from fire during this period than at any other time during life.

If the Sun be in Sagittarius at Birth

Financially especially, this is a very good period. All financial ventures seem to prosper, money is made either by investment or by increase in earnings. Position is improved-promotion is received. Responsibility and authority are also increased. The individual will be comfortable and well-off and will take pleasure in musical and cultural development. Will attend the opera and concerts and his tastes in this direction will improve and expand. This period is of quiet and dignigfied pleasure and happiness.

If the Sun be in Capricorn at Birth

Everything seems to go wrong during this period. Activity will be restricted, possibly enforced idleness will be encountered. Loss of position and money is likely. He may even experience poverty and lack of proper food and the necessities of life. Added to these physical restrictions, his mind is anxious and worried and he is most unhappy and miserable, particularly as he is almost wholly dependent on others during these years.

If the Sun be in Aquarius at Birth

A time of quarrels and disputes, litigation and argument during which, unless helped by other conditions, the individual will seldom be victorious. His enemies will take this opportunity to embarrass him and it would be better if any issues at stake could be postponed rather than joined. Even in his domestic relationships there will be disagreements and misunderstandings, some-times actual opposition and antagonism. As if these conditions were not sufficient, he also will suffer from some heat complaint which will be aggravated by outburst of temper and the general tension of mind and body produced by the continual bickering which marks this period.

If the Sun be in Pisces at Birth

The health will be the chief concern of this individual during the Sun period of his life. He will suffer from a general rundown condition due to principally to gastric disorders. These may become as acute as to require a stomach operation or treatment for ulcers. Diet and health should be watched carefully before this period starts and some effort made several years previous to improve and tone the system. Otherwise, “As ye sow, thus shall ye reap?”

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