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Dasa of the Lord of the Seventh House Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

In the ripening of the Dasa of the lord of the 7th house, the native acquires new clothes, jewels, new bed etc. He will be happy and enjoy all pleasures in the company of his beloved. He will be very powerful and virile will perform many auspicious and benevolent festivities like marriages in the family and undertake many pleasure trips to various places.

During the Dasa period of the lord of the 7th house, if he is weak, the son-in-law of the native will find himself in trouble, the native will suffer separation from his wife, come by something untoward through the opposite sex. He will have unnatural relation with immoral women, and develop infection in his private parts and be a wanderer.

7th lord. If the lord of 7th is powerful and well placed, during his periods the native will marry, go o pleasure trips and journeys, will acquire articles of luxury and comfort, jewels, bedroom requisites etc. He will enjoy pleasures and happiness in the company of beloved ones and will be respected and liked by relatives.

If the lord of 7th is weak, badly placed or afflicted, during his periods there will be quarrels and separation from beloved, Bad health or death of wife, deception through opposite sex and loss thereby, intrigues with wicked women, scandals and disgrace and he may even suffer from venereal diseases, undertake long journeys and suffer financial loss, etc.

The Period of the Lord of the Seventh Bhava (House) (from classics)

1) If the lord of the seventh bhava is posited in the seventh bhava in combination with benefic, the Native will be married in youth and his wife will belong to a rich and wealthy family, and will be fair, virtuous, and attached to her husband. The Native’s marriage will be performed on a grand scale with much decorum and accompanied with various kinds of music. During the period of the Lord of 7th house, the Native will perform auspicious ceremonies, will receive many friends and relatives, will sometimes live in a foreign land and will acquire wealth through the help of a dignified person and his household will always be graced with auspicious occurrences. If the Lord of 7th house is associated with a malefic, death may be caused.

The effects of the planets, that are associated with the Lord of 7th house should be included when one makes a prediction of the events of a sub-period. If the Lord of 7th house is powerless, the effects will be poor and unfavourable. If the Lord of 7th house is posited in the sixth, eighth and twelfth amsa the Native will be married very late in life or his wife will die soon. The wife will die in the period or sub-period of the Lord of 7th house or she will become inimical to her husband.

2) If the lord of the seventh bhava is posited in the eighth bhava in combination with a malefic and if the karaka planet is weak, the period and sub-period of the Lord of 7th house will produce no good results, will cause the death of the wife of the Native or his own death, or will cause serious and acute diseases through women. The native will be miserable and in troublesome state in foreign residence through women. If the, Lord of 7th house is situated in the eighth etc. (i.e. sixth, eighth and twelfth) amsa, these bad results will not happen.

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